Tunjung Crystal Mandala

Self Healing and Development

Bali/ Indonesia

Tunjung Crystal Mandala is a native Balinese Woman who was gifted as a child with psychic and healing abilities. Throughout the years, she obtained certification in yoga and spiritual healing modalities but what makes her unique is her powerful connection to the Divine. Her ancient wisdom is innate and is a gift she has been guided to share. She is skilled in Pranic Healing, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Chakra Balancing Medical Intuition, Psychic Surgery, as well as tarot, Crystal Ball and Psychic Readings. Besides her one on one healing session at her home-base in Ubud Bali, she feels so honor to share, guide and grow together in small and big group sessions through workshops and retreats, in finding peace and joy, and ultimately gratitude for this life that they have been gifted. With Kaivalya Spirit, she and the teams elaborate, lead and facilitate varied self-development, self-empowerment, self-healing and spiritual journey through her signatures: The Art of Letting Go (self love, embrace the inner changes and body, mind and soul liberation), A Journey to Spiritual Healing, and Gratitude in Mindfulness retreat. Each has different focuses and methods, with rich and intensive experience of self-exercise, self-process and group sharing sessions that allow individuals to have deep interaction and connection.

And as a bonus … Kaivalya’s programs are based in Ubud, a peaceful part of Bali, a truly magical serene place to deepen our spiritual journey. It is a place that attracts lots of yogis, spiritual guides, and seekers.

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For more information about Tunjung, see: www.tunjungbalihealer.com