Vasudev and Friends

Kirtan with Vasudev & friends


Through his warm presence Vasudev creates beautiful spaces for people to come together to sing, share and open up to the mystery of life. His search for truth and meaning has led him to more than 30 years of meditation and spiritual and personal development. From the Indian Himalayas to the jungles of Brazil to everyday life in his hometown Oslo (Norway), he has studied with a variety over of gurus, teachers and shamans. He started singing mantras as part of his devotional practice in 1987 and has since made and produced a number of albums of devotional music. Six albums cover some of his repertoire of songs collected in India, at Rainbow Gatherings and other unscheduled meetings with beautiful people around the world. Collections of these songs are also available in his two song books Mantras for Bhajan and Songs from the Heart. He is currently living in Ubud, Bali where he shares his gifts of song and soul every Tuesday at Svarga Loka.

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