04-20-2019 Seeds of Alchemy

Seeds of Alchemy

Seeds of Alchemy

April 20 - 21, 2019

With Pablo & Monika

The Mansion Wellness, Jl. Raya Penestanan, Ubud

Seeds of Alchemy

April 20/21 2019, 10am-5.30pm

This course acts as the Foundation Course for the ALCHEMY OF BREATH FACILITATOR TRAINING

Connect with Yourself, Open to Others

Breathwork is an amazing modality to expand your consciousness, transform your life and open to a greater sense of connection with all that is.

Seeds of Alchemy is taking you on an exciting journey of liberation and self-empowerment, while being supported and held in that process.

This workshop gives you the Fundamentals of Breathwork,
effective tools and techniques you can use immediately to improve your relationships – with yourself and others.

You will be shown how to awaken your senses, deepen your state of presence, and open up to the innate intelligence.
Breathwork is a powerful, yet gentle tool to clear trauma, stress and habitual limiting responses. Whatever it may be, that is holding you back, you can develop a greater capacity for self-love and compassion.

You will get to explore how to:
increase your creativity
improve problem solving capabilities
discover your own wisdom-spring
improve your communication skills
clear limiting imprinting
develop a refreshed and renewed life view
create immediate meditation capacity
create joy in your everyday life

Equip yourself and use the practice on your own and with friends to deepen your self-understanding. Gain new perspectives, clarity and insight, and unlock creative potential – no matter where you are on your path.
Understand how reactions to embedded trauma hold us back in life and learn how to free yourself.
Reclaim your birthright to a fulfilled, abundant life
Join Pablo and Monika in this workshop, where they offer skilled, inspired, compassionate guidance.

◦ Teacher with Alchemy of Breath
◦ Professional Breathwork Practitioner
◦ Reiki Practitioner

◦ Teacher with Alchemy of Breath
◦ Professional Bio-Dynamic Breath & Trauma Release Practitioner
◦ Diploma of Deep Tissue Massage

The Mansion Wellness, Jl. Raya Penestanan, Ubud
US$ 180 both days
We recommend to attend both days, and offer the one-day option as well
US$ 110 one day only

To book, please register by e-mail: info@alchemyofbreath.com




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