2017-03-25 - Forrest Yoga Special Event

Forrest Yoga Special Event at The Yoga Barn

Forrest Yoga Special Event at The Yoga Barn

March 25-26, 2017

With Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco

The Yoga Barn, Ubud

Ana Forrest, an international pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, in collaboration with Jose Calarco, world music pioneer and ceremonial leader, will be hosting a 4-part intensive weekend workshop at The Yoga Barn on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26.

Ana teaches yoga from an intuitive and highly developed understanding of the human body and psyche. With her meticulous guidance, Ana’s students cultivate an acute awareness of their own practice and life process, resulting in an exhilarating journey into self-discovery, cleansing and healing.

About Ana and Jose’s 4 Forrest Yoga Weekend Workshops:

SATURDAY March 25th 2017

Workshop 1: 10am-12:30pm - Romance Your Spirit

Workshop 1, Romance Your Spirit, opens the 4-part weekend workshop intensive by asking Does your practice brighten or dim your Spirit?

Ana & Medicine Man, Jose Calarco, open the practice with a short, yet very special Ceremony of song, dance & smoke blessing to honor the ancestors and custodians of our sacred land. Ana will then guide you to focus your intent on connecting to and Romancing your Spirit. By moving and breathing presently and consciously in a way that brightens and invites your Spirit to permeate into your entire body. This welcomes your Spirit home and readies you for a phenomenal weekend of Forrest Yoga practice.

Workshop 2: 3pm-5:30pm - Luminous Core

In this second workshop, beginning again with a short, sacred ceremony of song, dance & smoke blessing. Ana will then guide you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your own being. You will create a sense of heightened awareness through breath and asana and become open to the amazing quality of feeling that lives inside you.

Forrest Yoga will teach you techniques to connect to your core energy, to keep what is of value to you and learn to let go, ‘with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.” You will sweat, breathe deeply and enter the incredible mystery of your core, leaving you feeling cleansed, refreshed and alive!

SUNDAY March 26th 2017

Workshop 3: 10am-12:30pm - Building the Warrior Heart

Building on the learning of Day One, the focus of this heart opening workshop is to encourage your heart and Spirit be more resilient, flexible and adept at surfing emotional waves. In this workshop you will learn skills in accessing, cleansing and resolving emotional issues in order to move them out of the cell tissue, thus freeing your heart, making room for seeing and absorbing the beauty and sweetness in our world.

In practicing Forrest Yoga’s heart-opening asanas, you will learn to breathe in a way that opens your core and gives the heart the support from its surrounding chakras. This transformative heart-opening asana workshop will guide you in removing emotional shields from your heart, allowing you to truly feel each new experience ahead of you.

Workshop 4: 3pm-5:30pm - Inversions & Arm Balances*

In the final workshop, you will enjoy a challenging and exciting asana practice of inversions and arm balances to rejuvenate the mind and body to conclude the amazing weekend of Forrest Yoga workshops. The asanas practiced in this workshop increase the circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy throughout the body as well as stimulating both the endocrine and immune systems. Arm balances and inversions develop mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility. In this session, learn the essential elements of these powerful poses and how to apply what you learn in your daily life.

* Please note that this class is INT/ADV Level and some postures may not be appropriate for pregnant women or those with detached retinas, or wrist or arm injuries. If you fall into any of those categories, please let us know before the beginning of the class.

All Ana Forrest workshops are designed for the “athletic beginner” to the “advanced student”. Ana Forrest Yoga Workshops are not appropriate for “new to yoga” students. Each Ana Forrest Yoga Workshop session is a 2.5 hour asana class (unless otherwise noted).

By the end of this intensive weekend you will have opened your heart, strengthened your core and learned the skills of balance, that you can apply to your life.


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