02-22-2019 Handstands and Movement Camp! - Daniela Garza

Handstands and Movement Camp!

Handstands and Movement Camp!

February 22-27, 2019

With Daniela Garza Rios

The Yogabarn, Ubud

Teachers – Daniela Garza and friends…

How often do you let yourself be loose and play within the infinite movement possibilities your body can actually give you. Do you want to widen perspective on the way your body moves? Truly we can manage all this whilst having FUN and being playful in the practice. Join Daniela and friends in this offering tailored for all levels.

The morning sessions will include all the tips & tricks on how to actually be upside down! We will share all the magic progressions and techniques that lead you to an aligned, balanced, and smooth handstand practice!

This will be followed by afternoon classes cultivating different waves of movement, conditioning, inversions, active flexibility, transitions and smooth movement games to free your body and mind into liberation from robotic and constrained patterns. We will include Thai Massage sessions and active stretching to keep our bodies well rested and in balance. Come with an open mind, a willingness to play with others and be part of the movement culture that can offer you more freedom than what you can imagine.

For more information about this event, see: www.danielamandala.com or contact sohaytt@gmail.com



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