Living Wisdom: Yoga Philosophy & You 100 Hour Immersion_Bex Tyrer

Living Wisdom: Yoga Philosophy & You 100 Hour Immersion

Living Wisdom: Yoga Philosophy & You 100 Hour Immersion

December 2-24, 2018

With Bex Tyrer

The Yogabarn, Ubud

This course is designed to strengthen you as a practitioner and if applicable, as a teacher. It is for those who dare to have a deeper understanding of Yoga and to learn how to share this in your classes, work and relationships. A combination of practice and a deeply informed perspective of Yoga which cuts through the spiritual jargon and dives to the heart of what Yoga is all about. It is a unique opportunity to commit to your well-being and will have an automatic benefit to those around you.

We will begin our yoga education with extended morning practices that will set the foundation for the afternoon presentation series, discussion groups and workshops as follows:

Morning practice (9am-1pm) Embodied Practice:

  • Sadhana: Extended morning asana and pranayama practice incorporating bandha, mudra and mantra
  • Incorporate the main principles at the heart of yoga into your practice
  • Strength and develop your self practice
  • For those who are teaching: Get clear on what you are teaching, how and why

Afternoon sessions (3-7.30pm) Presentations, discussion and explorations:

  • Indian cosmology and the shamanic roots of Yoga
  • Journey through the Upanishads and its teachings on life, death and fear
  • What Buddhism and Jainism gave to Yoga and how this can guide our modern-day values
  • Overview of the main themes of the Bhagavad-Gita and what Karma Yoga means in action
  • Contextualize Hatha Yoga in relationship to both the Yoga Sutra and Tantra
  • Trace the birth of modern postural yoga with the rise of Indian independence and the work of Krishnamacharya
  • Women's bodies, women's wisdom: The politics, challenges and gaps in contemporary yoga
  • Yoga Ecology: The human body is a reflection of the cosmos
  • And so much more…

Suitable for all levels of experience – Every Body is a Yoga body: Open to all who are willing to see Yoga and Life differently. Fantastic foundation for beginners and essential for teachers who are ready to really TEACH YOGA.

Does not include food, accommodation or flights.

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