04-07-2019 STRONG & SEXY in 7 Days - Pilates and Burlesque Dance - Gypsy

STRONG & SEXY in 7 Days - Pilates and Burlesque Dance

STRONG & SEXY in 7 Days - Pilates and Burlesque Dance

April 7 - 13, 2019

With Gypsy Bast

The Yogabarn, Ubud

Immersive training at the YogaBarn - Kafe Annex Studio

Pilates will transform your body.

It’s deep core training sculpts, develops, and empowers whole body balance.

Burlesque is sexy dancing that allows the brain the experience pleasure!

With elegance, and moving into the sensual body, develop and own a new confidence, nuance, and control over your body with lasting results.

April 7-13, 2019 7 Day Immersion

Morning Session 9-12pm

Free Break

Afternoon Session 4-7pm

  • Sensual Embodiment
  • Pilates study
  • Burlesque dancing
  • Pelvic floor and Core Alignment
  • Delicious Food and Drink Discounts from "KAFE"

Costs for Students:

2,200,000 IDR Early Bird sign up before March1, 2019

2,5000,000 IDR

Gypsy Bast is inspiring, fun, and powerful. She is a radical leader and creative talent who has many shapes and styles to share with the world. Self care, love, awareness, and pleasure practices give her students transmissions to awaken vital life Shakti power within themselves! Gypsy feels she was born to this work, she thrives in it, and teaching brings her joy, fortitude and passionate living. Her studies come from over 25 years of studies in the performing arts, yogic arts, pilates anatomy, esoteric exploration, tantra, kundalini, and life lessons. She's has unique opportunities to train Cirque de Soleil shows and been selected for top Burlesque dancer Miss Exotic World. Beyond this she writes romantic poetry and lives in Bali where she practices her magic with nature and spirit.

For more information about this event, see: www.dancingypsy.com

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