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Our Venue of BaliSpirit Festival 2015

Nighttime Festival Grounds | Daytime Festival Grounds

Venue - BaliSpirit Festival 2015

The BaliSpirit Festival takes place at two of the most stunning venues in Ubud: Purnati Centre for the Arts and Arma Open Stage and Museum. We have chosen these two locations for their beauty and connection to the spirit of Balinese art and culture.

Night Time Venue

Arma ResortAgung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) – Jln Pengoseken, Ubud – Just 5mins south of the KAFE on Jln Hanoman.

Our One World Stage Concert Series takes place on the majestic outdoor stage of Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA). Located on the grounds of one of ARMA, a museum housing one of Bali's most impressive collection of Balinese and Indonesian visual art, the stage is framed by towering, traditional Balinese stone architecture and shaded by incredible tropical beauty. Located just sound of Central Ubud, ARMA is a 15-minute walk from Ubud's main street. Additionally, any local transport provider will know the location. Please use the entrance on Jalan Pengosekan, near Café ARMA. Concerts are not accessible via the museum's main entrance.

ARMA hosts all mainstage concert events and an outstanding food and vendor night market.


Day Time Venue

balipurnatiPurnati Center for the Arts, Batuan – Just 20 minutes south of Ubud on the way to Denpasar.

The majestic daytime Festival grounds of Purnati contain sprawling green lawns, a large swimming pool, 5 workshop spaces and 3 healing bungalows. At the base of the property and near the hillside temple, a sacred river flows through.

NOTE: Please do not enter the temple without temple attire. Ask a Festival volunteer for more information.



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