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10 Mantras for Tough Days – by BaliSpirit Festival Teachers

We have all been there, some days you just can’t seem to shake the clouds away. Sometimes you know exactly what is bringing you down and other days there
may seem to be no reason at all. It can be easy to slip into that funk and can be hard to find your way out of it. Sometimes a word or a simple phrase
can help turn things around. In the Yoga world we call these Mantras, a simple statement that can be repeated to yourself, silently or out loud. These
mantras can help you get through the toughest of days and will help to remind you that the sun is always just behind the clouds waiting to shine through!
To help you we have asked our amazing Bali Spirit Festival Teachers what Mantras they turn
to when in need of a little pick me up!

1. “It will Pass”, both Gwynn Williams and Bex Tyler agree that when things seem overwhelming it is best to remember that it is temporary!
Knowing that everything changes in time is a great way to let go of the stress and to get to action!

2. While the above reminds us that it will pass, its helpful to remember to “Be Gentle”. The incredible Lauren Hanna
reminds herself “Be Gentle – When things get off track it is the time to be still and gentle with yourself. To do less, to relax more, to slow down, to ease your stress and burdens. Stress is the number one enemy to peace and well being.”

3. “From obstacles come opportunity.” These obstacles can be a great way to grow. Cecile Roubaud tries to remind herself of this every
time she is presented with a challenge through her mantra “Obstacles are the opportunity for growth.” Her sentiment is shared by Francine
Fishman, “Our challenges are also our gifts; they are blessings in disguise that lead us into more fully blossomed versions of ourselves. So, breathe, find a way to be grateful, and remember that this too shall pass.”

4. “ I am alive!”. Both Gypsy and Tyezan find that a simple reminder of the great fortune to be alive can help in turning around their
bad days. Each with their own way of making this sentiment their own, Gypsy finds the mantra “I am alive and safe, loved and powerful”,
to be just what does the trick. While Tyezan goes for the simple “ I am fortunate to be me!.”

5. “Be patient.” Faith Hunter

6. “I am fortunate.” Martin Reid says it best, “I wake up every day and have a job I love and the knowledge I can help someone change their life for the better.”

7. “Turn to the light.” Carlos Romero reminds himself of this with this simple mantra, “I am divine light radiating love, peace and harmony from the inside out.”

8. “Do what is right for you.” Mignon Williams finds it easiest to remember to do what is right for you, “Often people think yogis are calm and passive. Share your thoughts and understand that not everyone will appreciate them but remember you have to get things off your chest too. Remember the words of Donna Farhi while doing so: “The pause between the feeling and the action.” This has saved me from many a meltdown.”

9. “Gratitude in all things.” Amanda Koh finds that a simple reminder of gratitude is the best way to find some peace! “Gratitude for all that I am able to do, for all that I am, and for the potential I am blessed with. Gratitude for the ability to be aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings and for the people who choose to be part of my life and who accept, love and uplift me.”

10. “Don’t forget to dance!” The words of Deb Rubin are a great reminder to have a little fun!

The next time you’re having a tough day, why not try one of the mantras above, or even make your own. Finding words that resonate with you will certainly
bring you back to your center and turn your day around in no time. Keep in mind, it doesn’t need to be complicated, a simple word or phrase repeated
to yourself a few times can have the power to put you back on track. Come check out our inspiring teachers at the Bali Spirit Yoga Festival to
learn more about what takes them through their toughest days and where they find their inspiration!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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