Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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108 prostrations for HIV and AIDS awareness in Bali

The charity mala of 108 sun salutations yesterday morning at the Tri Murti Pavilion was a sight to behold. Participants began filing in as early as 9:30 to place mats and relax into the space. By the time 10:15 rolled around the music was keying up and the 12 teachers leading us had arrived to their places on mats or in position to adjust and encourage the mass.

We began by chanting and praying, by setting our intention to spread love and understanding through education on HIV and AIDS in Bali. In truth, the entire experience was a three hour long prayer. We were reminded to recall our intention many times over as each teacher led us in sending out love and light from our hearts and offering it up for the people of Bali and of the world.

The first 26 prostrations we bent to the god within, that ultimate being and voice that is our guide. They were a celebration of our individual search for the divine and they were the encouragement to stop at nothing as we expand to our fullest expression.

Next we bowed to our loved ones, our mothers, our fathers, brothers and sisters, our families, and friends. We sent our collective love to the support and foundation these people have provided us, and to the lessons of strength, perseverance and love they have taught us.

As we continued on we gathered inspiration from two goddesses dancing near the musicians, we began mimicking their gorgeous movements or making up our own between salutes. We were held up by the powerful voices of so many beautiful singers, Dave Stringer and Punnu Wasu among them. Many of us sang kirtan as we bowed, most of us continued moving, and some of us sat in scintillating silence, buzzing and radiating out.

Our final push was for community, for Bali, for awareness and consciousness, for education leading to elevation, for humanity, for changing the world. We rocked it, collectively, and to the core.

Together we sat, led by Danny Paradise, in a chakra meditation to ground all of the power we just created and send it into the earth, our mother, Gaia, pulsing with gratitude and beaming as we successfully moved from separate ME spaces to the one WE space.

We grabbed ahold of each others hands and formed a circle around the perimeter, looking at one another, smiling, acknowledging. Rebecca Pflaum directed us to either sit as part of this healing circle and send waves of light and love inside, or lie down in the center for soaking up the good vibrations. She led us through a thanks giving meditation that melted me into the arms of the planet. When we ended, we danced again. We cried and laughed and celebrated being together, being ourselves and just being.

For me, this was the ultimate BaliSpirit Festival experience. It has redefined what being together means in my very soul. It is a moment I will not forget. The three hours that felt like three minutes, the most in the now I can remember ever being.

Thanks to each and all of You, for being parts of this most incredible wholeness. May every being benefit from the work we did, may all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Written by : Alexis Lea Arvidson


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