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2013 Performer Q & A: OKA ~ Signature Sounds from Australia

“[Music]…operates on a level above intellectual concepts, it connects with the heart and as you all know, real change can only come from within.” Oka

OKA joins the 2013 BaliSpirit Festival!

With a signature sound and unforgettable live reputation, OKA is a celebration of Australian cultures with a present, powerful and uniting indigenous cultural overtone running throughout their music. Electrified didgeridoo, heavy slide guitar, soaring flutes, and juju rhythms are some of the many ingredients in this Australian blend, matured over a decade. From humble beginnings, busking on the street corners, to global tripping and independent CD sales in excess of 100,000 album, their story is unique, but pays homage to the sun-drenched coastal life they call home.

OKA BaliSpirit Festival Artist Q & A:

1. Which three groups or artists most influence Oka’s music?

Our influences are constantly changing and there have been countless influences so far. We use elements of dub reggae, electronica, funk, rock with a big world influence.

2. Tell us about the music scene back home. What are the biggest trends today in Australia?

I can tell you the festival scene in Australia is thriving and people’s love of live music is strong and getting stronger, as far as trends go I wouldn’t have a clue.

3. How do the bandmates usually spend their time when they’re off the stage?

Stu spends a lot of time with his family and in his home studio, Charles has another music project of his own called Bobby Alu so he’s not off stage very often and I like to surf and grow things in my garden.

4. What has been the highlight of Oka’s career?

Being invited to The BaliSpirit Festival! We travel to North America, around Australia and all over the place, but we all love Bali as a destination, so to have the chance to play there is a dream come true.

5. What excites the group about performing at the BaliSpirit Festival? Do any of the band members do yoga? 

We do a lot of gigs in the Byron Bay region and the energy around Ubud seems very similar in lots of ways. The response in Byron is always high, clear and beautiful and on a recent trip to Ubud with Stu and myself, we found Ubud to be the same. We’re excited to be bringing the full band over for Bali Spirit. I’m the only one that practices Hatha yoga but we all practice Bhakti yoga, especially when we play.

6. The BaliSpirit Festival is about social action, as well as great music. Why is music an important agent of change?

Because it operates on a level above intellectual concepts, it connects with the heart and as you all know, real change can only come from within.

Written by : Jocelyn Gordon


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