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5 Reasons to Start Living Your Dream Today

Is it hard for you to live your dream? Are you scared to fail? This really sucks, doesn’t it? Personally, I’ve been very scared to live my dream on several occasions. Especially in August 2015 as I experienced financial challenges with my organization called the Passion Compass. For several months the costs were higher than the revenues and my financial resources were depleted. I doubted myself and considered to give up on my dream. Here are 5 reasons that helped me and 3 important questions for you.

1. Magic happens when you realize your dream.

By stepping out of your comfort zone you increase the chance you will experience priceless moments. In 2008 I dreamed of travelling the world by myself, but I was scared for the unknown. Despite my fears I left my home town in The Netherlands and I started working for a music organization called ‘The Rhythm Hut’ in Australia. In this period I learned to make music, to surf and to practice yoga as well as to organize and promote music events. It was amazing! In 2015 I reminded myself of these amazing experiences and it boosted my self confidence and motivation regarding the Passion Compass.

2. You inspire others to live their dreams.

By overcoming your fears and living your dream you give others (un)consciously permission to do the same. For example, in 2010 I got introduced to my mentor Rick Pursell. I noticed how his Life Coaching had a huge positive impact on myself and other people in the community. By witnessing his work I became deeply inspired to become a life coach and to never give up on my dreams.

3. Doors will open when you follow your passions.

People love to help others who are 100% connected with their passion and purpose. For example, on the 21st of March 2015 I realized I wanted to provide my workshops at the Bali Spirit Festival 2015. I experienced a few obstacles as the festival would start in 10 days time, the management didn’t know about my project and their schedule was already full. By approaching the management in a positive and passionate way, they felt inspired and allowed me to provide my workshops at this amazing festival. As you can see in the video below, I helped 85 participants to find their passions and by reminding myself of the value of my service I felt motivated to overcome my financial struggle in August 2015.

4. Living your dream gives a huge sense of fulfillment.

I believe that working on things that matter the most to you and make you feel alive is a very fulfilling experience. For me it is coaching others, because it makes my heart sing when I see somebody else discovering his or her passion. And when I considered to stop working as a Passion Compass Coach, I connected with a few of my clients and heard their positive experiences regarding my workshops. As a result, I felt inspired to keep working on my dream.

5. Living your dream helps you to develop your fullest potential.

When you align yourself with what you really love, you boost your personal growth. Personally, I notice I learn the most when I’m 100% connected with my passion and purpose as this makes me feel excited, alive and extremely motivated. I invited the members of the Passion Compass Community to share their experiences on this topic and I notice they have similar experiences. One of my clients, Amanda Jane Williams, lives also the life of her dreams and in 2015 she was invited to teach yoga for a group of 111 dancers during a Bali fitness Zumba weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel in Kuta, Bali. It was a huge challenge as these dancers were not interested in yoga and my client was forced to engage this group in an innovative way. Following her intuition, Amanda Jane integrated dynamic movements in the yoga practice and even brought them into meditation. As a result, the dancers felt very inspired by     yoga and Amanda Jane had spontaniously learned a new way to teach yoga to dancers. 
This example reinforces my belief that we learn the most when we are doing things we are passionate about. Today, I feel grateful for my challenges in August 2015 as they helped me to develop my business skills and to be of better service towards my clients.

As promised, I also have a few questions that might be valuable for you to live your dream:

  1. Just imagine, you have a 100% success guarantee that your dream will become reality. What would be your dream? 
    This questions helps you to think freely of any obstacles and it stimulates you to get to the core of what you really want to do in life.
  2. What are the reasons for this dream? 
    This question helps you to identify your reasons, so you to stand stronger when you are facing obstacles.
  3. What are 3 bold steps you can undertake to make this dream become reality? This question helps you to undertake courageous action, so you can realize your dream.

Is it challenging for you to answer these questions? Don’t worry! Many people find these questions hard to answer. In case you wish to receive support in finding answers to these and other empowering questions, feel free to join a Basic and/ or Advanced Passion Compass Workshop at the Bali Spirit Festival in March 2016. The Basic 1-on-1 session is aimed to help you find your passions and to develop your dream. And the Advanced 1-on-1 session is aimed to help you to further develop your potential in order to realize your dream. If you prefer a personal approach, you can also choose for a 1-on-1 Sessions with me at Dojo Bali Coworking space in Bali or via Skype. For more information about Passion Compass, please visit:

Written by : Obed Abbo 


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