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6 Must-Try Yoga Workshops at BaliSpirit Festival

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin? Yes, we know and love them but Laughter, Disco, Afro Flow? Ok now we’re intrigued… Read our 6 most unconventional yoga styles at BaliSpirit Festival 2017…

#1 Pirate Booty Yoga

Yes you read that right…Pirate Booty Yoga, taught by Gypsy Bast, a returning BaliSpirit Festival presenter and a truly inspiring and unique yoga, dance and meditation teacher. An energetic shape shifter and rule breaker, Gypsy has over 20 years’ experience sharing her wide variety of work around the world, from yoga and meditation at Festivals to training Cirque du Soleil performers. Her classes are packed with fun, flowing conscious movement, don’t miss shaking it up with Gypsy at BaliSpirit Fesitval.

Gypsy yoga at BaliSpirit Festival

#2 Afro Flow Yoga

A uplifting cultural fusion of African dance, rhythm, spirituality and culture through yoga. Led by Afro Flow Yoga Co-Founders and husband and wife: Jeff W.Jones and Leslie Salmon Jones. Jeff and Leslie guide students to celebrate, honor and respect their shared humanity and cultural differences, bridging cultural divides through ritual, healing, joy, nature and the recognition of our Oneness in the Divine. Definitely not one to be missed!


#3 Laughter Yoga

Laughing makes everything better, simple as that. Kay Wararuk Sunonethong, yoga teacher and author combines Laughter Yoga with Yoga Nidra in her classes for transformational healing benefits for body, mind and spirit. Kay was honored from Dr. Madan Kataria, the Founder of Laughter Yoga University, Bangalore, India and strongly believes in being as silly as possible and using laughter as a gateway to release inner blockages. So follow the hysterical raucous sounds of laughter and make your way to Kay’s classes.

Laughter yoga at BaliSpirit Festival

#4 Black Metal Yoga

Get deep and dark to reach your inner light, whilst rocking out to black metal music! Melody Henry believes that we must acknowledge and embrace our dark side in order to get through to our light within. She combines black metal music and occasionally teaches yoga in the dark to face the things that have hurt you the most. She directly incorporates fun and laughter through asana to target trauma, abuse, depression and anxiety that may reside in the body. Rock out and let loose at Black Metal Yoga at BaliSpirit Fesitval.


#5 Discoyoga

Downward dogs, disco beats – yes, we are there! DISCOYOGA with Nickie Hanley guarantees to leave you feeling     open and ecstatic! Nickie comes from a professional dancing background and through years of studying and training in yoga, she developed her own unique style of Vinyasa Flow, amalgamating her dance and musical background with yoga. DISCOYOGA is a smooth, strength building style that continuously flows to find a space of spiritual awareness in each of us, through fun feel good tunes!

Disco yoga by Nickie Hanley

#6 Reggaelates

Reggae x Pilates = Reggaelates. Sienna Creasy’s Reggaelates takes the joy of reggae music with the challenge of Pilates and roots in Yoga to integrate a fusion of movement. She lives and works in Jamaica and calls herself Zen Rebel, blending peace and transformation in her teachings. Sienna uses Yoga as a method of release and to awaken creativity and encourages each person to have a unique experience within a shared communal chilled out, jammin ritual!

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Written by: Maeve Nelligan


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