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Accept this offering: Koleksi Kecil Photo Exhibition

If you’re coming to town for the BaliSpirit Festival, pencil in a taster of the up and coming talent that is Siddhartha Hewsion; a young Australian with Scottish blood, an Indian name and a Balinese heart.

Using photography as a form of meditation, Siddhartha has long taken refuge in the ability to lose himself in his art and the world around him, and you can view some of his beautiful work at his third public exhibition, the Koleksi Kecil, taking place at Bar Luna, Jl Goutama on Thursday March 29th at 7.30pm

Siddhartha will be showing a ‘small collection’ (Koleksi Kecil) of varied photographic works, taken in both Australia and Bali. His exhibition is somewhat an offering to the places he loves the most, having spent a lot of time in Bali over the last 20 years. It’s also an act of gratitude, he says; part of recognising what we’ve been given, what we have gained and in return, giving thanks.

“Make an offering. Whether it’s to the land, to your family, to the Gods or even to your enemies; it is one of the most important things we can do. To repay everything that is given to us with kindness and beauty.”

You can’t get more Bali-Spirited than that.

Thursday 29th at Bar Luna is opening night, so come along for a cocktail and meet the man himself. Or head along from March 29 to April 12 to see the collection.

Written by : Becky Wicks


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