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Adventures from the Healing Hut: Energy Reading

Even though I grew up in the land of woo-woo (Marin County, California), I’m still a bit of a cynic when it comes to a lot (but not all) of the ‘new age’
healing modalities. I really have to FEEL something to be convinced that it works.

So I signed up for a half hour ‘body energy reading’ at the Healing Hut at the Bali Spirit Festival with, I admit it, a bit of a smirk on my face.

While I waited for my session I found myself thinking, ‘yeah, yeah, another energy reading that leaves me feeling….nothing’.

Bob Supernant led me to a room with a pyramid structure above a massage table. And folks, this is where I could feel myself really losing it inside. Oh geez. Not another pyramid. Come on.

But then I talked back to myself as I sometimes do: Have an open mind, Kristin. Just see what happens.

Bob Supernant with his pyramid

Self talk allowed me to get on the table with a mostly receptive spirit.

Bob said, “This type of energy work is called Telluric Pulse Therapy. It combines the ancient Vedic art of pulse diagnosis with direct transmission of energy into the bloodstream through the finger tips. Just relax and enjoy.”

I breathed deeply and let my back sink into the massage table.

Bob put his fingers lightly on my neck and encouraged me to breathe.

He stood behind me with his fingers on my neck for about 10 minutes. My body began to relax. My stomach began to gurgle (always a sign that I’m feeling

Then he moved to my wrists, 5 minutes each of light touch. I began sinking deeper and deeper into the table. My mind began to relax (I’d been busy composing
this blog post in my head up until then). He moved to my feet and touched them lightly for a few minutes which brought an even deeper level of relaxation.

I was disappointed when he said the 30-minute session was over.

I was considering paying for 30 more minutes but I wanted to finish my blog post by the end of the day so I decided not to.

But the session wasn’t quite over.

“Your body is telling me that you are quite career-focused and driven. You get very focused and this results in pain in your neck which leads you to not see all the options available to you because you are just staring ahead.”

Oh my God.

It’s true.

Has he been reading my private blog? I’d just written a blog post about that…

How the heck did he know this about me? I don’t think I LOOK career focused as I’ve been on holiday for five blissful weeks now.

My Ayurvedic doctor had said that same thing about me almost word-for-word only three weeks ago. It was a bit strange hearing it again from someone else.
I guess I needed to hear it a second time.

As we finished the session I asked him about some rods that I noticed were sticking out of the pyramid.

“Those rods are filled with special water from Dr. Emoto. Remember him? The water guy from the movie The Secret. Those water-filled rods create an even more relaxed feeling for whoever is underneath the pyramid.”

I left the session feeling very, very relaxed and I will admit, it was more than a bit challenging to write my blog post due to my relaxed state.

(A good problem.)

Bob Supernant offers Telluric Pulse Therapy and body energy readings. He can be reached at [email protected] or on his Bali cellular phone: 081805351069.

Kristin (Wayan) Morrison is an entrepreneur, author and world traveler. She lives in Bali and California. Kristin can be reached at: [email protected]

Written by : Kristin Morrison


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