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An Alchemy of Bliss

Watching Angels dressed in white strewing red rose petals around the Yoga Barn pavillion I drew in a deep breath of appreciation. Anthony and Christabel
were preparing something special – a breathwork ceremony born from their combined experience in breathwork and much much more.

Anthony’s solid demeanour, resonant voice and halo of silver hair were eclipsed only by the brightness of Christabel’s smile and her vibrant, radiant
energy as they introduced us to the practice of breathwork – deep, cyclical, conscious breaths with no pause between the inbreath and the outbreath.

What was this all about? Part of me was hoping for a nice time lying on my mat listening to some music and soothing voices. But that part of me was
going to be disappointed…

First up we did some eye-gazing exercises which, I must confess, I’m normally allergic to (What? You’re going to make me talk to someone I don’t know?
Oh no…). I stood opposite a gentle, smiling man from Hong Kong and practised the breathing technique together as we shared some essential
truths about ourselves. I was touched that he felt safe to share with a perfect stranger and really felt his homesickness when he described how
much he missed his home.

After it was my turn I could notice a palpable feeling of connection between everyone in the room when everyone had finished. The energy was building…

Next up we learnt a sufi breathing technique
which had us jumping, dancing and consciously breathing. I was invited to breathe faster and raise the energy in my body to the tempo that I wanted
to bring to my breathwork practise. While a bit resistant at first, through Christabel’s infectious energy and Anthony’s gentle encouragement I
was able to get much more in to my body and feel it connecting to my breath. Before long I was happily bouncing around the room, smiling and consciously
breathing and looking forward to the journey ahead.

Finally it was time to lie down on our mats and begin. Having practised my conscious, cyclical breaths my motor was running and I was ready for the

After settling in to the breathing pattern my body settled and my mind began to relax. And this, dear readers, is where i must confess things get a
little hazy. I remember a beautiful blessing by Tiffany, a sound healer with an exquisite voice.

I remember being gently touched on the hips and shoulders by some of the Angelic helpers who were assisting the ceremony.

I remember gently being guided in to a state of Bliss by Anthony and Christabel and then suddenly, as the music changed I was off… travelling
deep on an intimate, personal journey in to realisations born from my own heart and guided by the continuous rhythm of my breath.

At times I noticed that I had paused in my breathing – fallen in to a state of relaxation and dreaming if you like. But as I was reminded to breathe
through gentle reminders my experience deepened.

What followed
can only be described as a profound journey in to my heart and a deep, visceral experience of expanded self love. I could sense an energy of connection
pouring from the base of my spine up through my heart, through my mind and then expanding out the crown of my head. At the same time I was tethered
to my body by the breath which kept me feeling grounded, safe and in touch the present moment.

I could sense Anthony and Christabel continuing to guide the journey and the presence of the Angels holding space for us to deepen our experience of
the breath and ourselves.

As the music descended from its peak and we were guided back to a normal breathing pattern I felt a warm, expanded sense of relaxation and peace of
mind envelope me which continues to last all through this afternoon.

I caught myself thinking “what would life be like if I practised this every day?” I felt completely different. More at home in myself. Less thoughts,
and an expanded sense of well-being and peace which continues to last all through the afternoon.

So life feels pretty good at the moment. Like a whole bunch of leaden thoughts have been turned in to gold. Like an Alchemy of Bliss.

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Written by : Russel Price


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