Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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The music of Bali Spirit Festival 2015 actually began with an awesome opening party at the YogaBarn on March 31st. As the YogaBarn expands, with a recent new dance/yoga deck, the crowd expands to fill it. Tarun Nayar (from Delhi to Dublin) rocked the barn on the decks, while the guests sweated and bounced under the palm trees. There was tangible excitement in the air.

Towards the end of the evening, a female voice was heard. Unsure whether it was live or recorded, we rushed to the balcony and saw below, Toni Childs in a stunning embroidered coat, with hair piled high, delivering an incredible vocal. I knew she lived in Bali, but have never heard her sing before. Great tidings of more to come this week – she is playing the One World Stage on Friday 3rd. The focus this year seems to be on collaboration between artists and genres – with Bali being a unique destination where many musicians meet and have a chance to play together, several are recording new albums while they are in town. I’m excited to hear what they create together on stage this week.

Ajeet Kaur followed the wonderful gamelan performance, with traditional chanting. Absolutely sublime.

Bhakti night kicked of at Arma Watergarden with Kevin James, his daughter Shanteh on harmonium, Tarun on drums and Chris Lane on flute. As always, Kevin feels like Ubud’s personal maestro. Kim Kindersley is his right hand barometer of fervor, and the crowd were whipped into a devotional frenzy. The perfect way to connect. And an interesting initiation for first timers to Ubud, I’m sure.


Written by : Suki Zoe


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