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And the Festival begins…

It felt like Christmas today – or at least how Christmas used to feel like when I was a child; full of anticipation followed by surprises and celebration of something sacred with family. The twist being that I am in tropics, several months after the festive season and my family are technically my friends and colleagues.

Driving to Purnati made me smile. The twirling road was guided by bright sunshine, glistening rice paddies and a parade of festival flags. After attended a summer of Yoga Conference around the world what stands out is that the Bali Spirit is a Festival – a celebration of global community, yoga, dance and music within the paradise of Balinese nature. As a residential yoga teacher here at the Yoga Barn, this festival is an absolute gift, and one that I plan to celebrate with an equal amount of open heart and pride. It brings together teachers, practitioners and the curious from all corners of the globe.

Today I watched as my dear friend and teacher Pau Castellsague from Barcelona moved with his giant smile from workshop to workshop. I told him that he looked at home and he replied that he already was. What we are doing during these next days is important. It is far more than just practicing some yoga or listening to some good music. It about building community, about sharing coming values and ideals, about rejuvenating, feeling supported and then having more strength and inspiration to each go back to our corners of the world, jobs or studios and share more.

Today Simon Low from London celebrated the Yang and the Yin of yoga with mudras to symbolize going deeper in our own practice to have more to give to those around. Jivamukti’s Tina James from Whistler, Canada inspired us with words of action and community. Gywn Williams brought community into action one step further with therapeutic partner flying. Jocelyn Gordon from the USA broke down perceived barriers of physical limitations as we hooped our way through dance, and this was just a few of today; and today is just a one of the next five. I am feeling the urgency to really pay attention during these next days. I am feeling the need to do more and to make the most of this gift of Yoga community in action. Gratitude to all the team for making this happen.

Any suggestions for what not to miss during the next days are most welcome…

Photo by Suki Zoe. Thank you Suki 🙂

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