Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Bali Spirit Festival 2010: Top 12 Musical Highlights

  1. The sequencing of the music acts, alternating between local and overseas acts, and overall time management
  2. Best new BSF star: Ayu Lakshmi, as a new face of young Bali, engaging with the West but firmly rooted in local Balinese traditions
  3. New frontiers of fusion between genres, eg. Kultiration: reggae + Swedish folk
  4. Collaboration between overseas artistes (eg. MahaKirtan); collaboration between overseas artistes and local artistes (eg. with Catur Widodo, Ayu Lakshmi)
  5. The masked actors, and the theatrical feel they added to the music
  6. Terrific dance and music sessions in yoga workshops, eg. Bollywood, West African dance
  7. Absolutely trance-like hypnotic sessions by Mamadou Diabate and Indonesian gamelan ensembles
  8. Magnificent DJ set by Cheb I Sabbah, right till 2 am!
  9. Grand finale: seamless transition from Afro Moses to the final jam
  10. Support by governments for overseas artistes: Australia, Canada, Sweden
  11. The rain on Day Three, with the audience on the stage during the Lynx&Janover performance! And carrying right through despite the rain!
  12. The local friendly neighbourhood stray dog, who wandered onto stage each night!

Written by : Madanmohan Rao


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