Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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BaliSpirit Festival for the Whole Family

Spending quality family time together is important for making life long memories, trying new experiences and strengthening relationships. However, it appears
to be happening less and less with the throws of hectic modern life. My happiest memories as a child were always on a family holiday, doing something
silly outdoors in a foreign place, away from the daily grind of school, work or the general rainy English weather!

How often do you spend quality family time together? If you are reading this maybe you are thinking about coming to Bali or the BaliSpirit Festival, and
you’re wondering who to bring…Could I really bring my kids to a Bali? Could I encourage my parents to come to a yoga festival?

Could I really bring my kids to a yoga festival in Bali?

I’m going to tell you why YES is the answer to all of these. Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with so much to do and BaliSpirit Festival
is a big celebration of life, community, health and consciousness.

BaliSpirit Festival has every yoga style under the sun (literally) from afro flow to laughter yoga, kids yoga to a gentle yin and restorative class…
Lively musical performances at the weekly Bhakti Nights feature devotional musicians leading Kirtan to Ecstatic Dance DJs and Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.
So many new and exciting things to try that you could not experience anywhere else. Bali is immensely spiritual, known as the island of the Gods for
a reason. Peace and tranquility is felt all over, not just at the BaliSpirit Festival. You will witness the love and devotion put into the daily offerings,
the slower pace of life, the smiling faces of the Balinese and the care to make even the simplest things beautiful.

Explore the whole island and see everything Bali has to offer together as a family you can go to waterfalls, temples, see monkeys, stroll through rice
paddies, go snorkeling or surf at world famous swells…

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A ‘yoga holiday’ for the whole family?

The practice of yoga is something that stays with you on a physical, mental and even spiritual level. It’s something that you may learn in Bali but the
teachings follow you back home. Even if you are not on your mat every day, whacking out 12 sun salutations before 7am, yoga ultimately gives you tools
to be the best version of yourself.

Imagine that impact on the whole family! To spend time together, outdoors ‘digitally detoxing’, eating healthy local food, practicing yoga, learning about
meditation and healing and hearing spiritual devotional music…

Why yoga is so important for children and teenagers

The importance of yoga for children and young adults has been coming to light in the media over the last couple of years. The fast-paced and overstimulated
online world children are exposed to has led to schools across the world recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity and introducing yoga and
meditation exercises.

But I mean… yoga in the classroom vs. yoga in sunny Bali with hundreds of other kids running around in rice fields?

I started practicing yoga when I was 17, mostly as a way to be fit and bendy. At the time I remember being shocked at my lack of concentration and struggling
to focus on my breath without a million other worries popping into my head. I wish I had started yoga earlier to help me cope with the general struggles
of being a teenage girl, and that was even before social media!

The BaliSpirit Festival’s high vibe family

Spiritually, practicing yoga and being part of a high vibe family activities at BaliSpirit Festival cultivates gratitude and compassion. You are part of
a healthy, mindful and non-competitive group (something not usually found in the realms of school sport teams!). I strongly believe yoga is vital for
children and particularly teenagers – to keep your mood elevated, to connect to your body by strengthening that internal presence, to learn to really
love, respect and accept yourself.

Being present and part of the community at BaliSpirit Festival heightens your awareness, starting from
within and your emotional connections to your loved ones around you. Enabling you to move on from the past and learn to live without anxiety of the
future. Celebrating within the Balinese Hindu culture together as part of a highly conscious festival family gives you an enormous sense of abundance
and an appreciation of the simple pleasures in life. I learnt the importance of how to express gratitude to deepen and make time for relationships
with my loved ones (quality over quantity!).

Ok so now, please ask yourself, are there many holiday opportunities where you could take THESE kind of tools away with you for your whole family?

Think about taking time out to recharge, connect together and come back rejuvenated (and closer to enlightenment!) after a family holiday in Bali in March.
BaliSpirit Fesitval offers a range of tickets for a variety of interests and budgets from 1 day community passes, if you want to soak up the festival
atmosphere to Kid’s Explorer Passes and Teenager Passes. You will also be able to take a break and enjoy any of the workshops on offer because the
Kids Zone includes daycare for children over 2 years old. Get the details here.

Written by Maeve Nelligan


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