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Bhakti Music at BaliSpirit Festival 2017

What is Bhakti?

Bhakti is a path of devotion and one of the 3 spiritual paths for salvation written in the ancient and holy Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. Bhakti
Yoga alongside Karma Yoga (the path of selfless action) and Jnana Yoga (the path of transcending knowledge) are each spiritual paths taken to reach
enlightenment. Bhakti in particular refers to a loving devotional offering that can be expressed through music, yoga or through giving back.

Bhakti music at BaliSpirit Festival

Each evening at BaliSpirit Festival to close the excitement of the daytime activities is a diverse and colorful Bhakti night music event. Types of Bhakti
music include Kirtan, call and response of sacred mantras and cacao ceremonies. Musicians frequently use the voice, the harmonium, small drums, the
guitar and often old Indian stringed instruments like the sitar and the sarangi.

Bhakti Nights at BaliSpirit Festival continue to be more and more popular and we are lucky to have welcomed some leading kundalini mantra and kirtan singers
over the years and this year was no exception with The Hanumen, Jai-Jagdeesh and Haji Basim.

Bhakti Artists at BaliSpirit Festival 2017


Beginning her Bhakti music journey over 20 years ago from a temple in India, close to where she attended boarding school in Dehra Dun (Uttar Pradesh) and
Amritsar (Punjab) for her entire education. Spending time in Northern India set Jai-Jagdeesh up with foundation for a deep connection to the sacred
texts of the Kundalini Yoga tradition & the Sikh faith. 


Haji Basim

 Haji Basim uses music as holistic sound healing, and plays ‘Urban Folk’ music, created from the influences of several styles including
Folk, Soul, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Bossa Nova and Neo Soul. In finding deep connection with other genres of music, Haji humbly makes it evident,

“It is not the genre that makes music great, but the ability to translate emotion and thought”

The Holistic Method: Music Instruction is an intimate teaching practice Haji began combining elements of meditation and music theory, ultimately connecting
musicians to their instruments. Haji also plays the traditional Indian instrument, the sitar for sound healing which he combines with breath work,
and voice for a deeply relaxing and meditative experience for people.



Originally from Denmark, Sudha’s background in dance, drama and music reaches back to her childhood, where she also developed an early interest in self
discovery and the mysteries of our seen and unseen world. Music and dance have then become the vehicle through which she expressed he journey of discovery
and her passion for creating atmospheres of healing and universal love.

For over 15 years, Sudha has offered sacred chants, devotional mantras and songs from a variety of traditions. Sudha takes her audiences on an exquisite
journey thorugh sound, into the heart of stillness and prayer. She has travelled and performed internationally through Europe, Australia, USA, Japan,
Indonesia and India. By weaving influences in her music from the East, the Sufi, Tibetan and Indian traditions as well as chants from Africa, Hawaii,
Native America and beyond, inviting listeners to join her in song, prayer and silence.


Miriam Lieberman

Miriam’s music and songs seamlessly blend African influences with folk infused melodies to create a collection of stories, beautifully told through strings,
powerful lyrics and her emotive voice. Based in Sydney, Miriam is known not only for her unmistakable voice and songwriting, but for playing the 21
string West African harp, known as the kora. Miriam played a collection of Rhythms of Africa music at BaliSpirit Festival with Agustian, she draws
her influences from far and wide – having most notably spent long periods of time studying traditional music in West Africa. It was in Africa where
Miriam studied with local musicians including celebrated kora player Toumani Diabate, and has now created her own unique style.


The Hanumen

The Hanumen are five innovative musicians (Benjy Wertheimer, John de Kadt, Gaura Vani, Visvambhar Seth and Purusharta Das) who combine music from the East
to the West, ancient to the modern by offering traditional and contemporary chants, songs, story and poetry, all in praise of spirit. They are loved
internationally for their unique style of blending genres with powerful vocals and heart-opening lyrics and ancient Sanskrit mantras. The Hanumen’s
mesmerizing and moving concerts and events are full of joy, offered to lift spirits and inspire.


Music artists are already being confirmed for the 2018 BaliSpirit Festival music line-up. Watch this space for updates!

Written by Maeve Nelligan



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