Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Bhakti Vibes following free and loud at the Soma Dome

The Soma Bhakti dome came alive yesterday lunch time as both the Bhakti Babes and Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda led the most beautiful kirtan and heart

The Bhakti dome is a new addition to the BaliSpirit Festival this year and a welcome one. It provides a little retreat from the hectic vibe of the
festival outside and around. Situated next to the organic delights of the Soma food stall, it is the perfect place to refuel and nourish, especially
when it vibrates with such deeply felt songs.

The Bhakti Babes is a local band of incredible women – Harmony Polo, Lindsey Wise and community leader Rachel Sugiharto. Yesterday the babes
(!) were also joined by Hope Medford who rocked it out on the drum, adding a depth to Harmony on harmonium and Lindsey and Rachel sharing their
voices of angels while strumming on guitars.

Within moments of their first song, by body was rising and feet moving, as it was impossible just to sit while such joy was felt filling up the whole
of my being. When I first moved to Ubud four years ago I had never sang in public and certainly not in Sanskrit. However, Bhakti – devotional singing
to God – has been a huge gift in my life, providing a portal for leaving the analytical mind and being submerged in the power of life, music and
intention. Emotions move, often provoking sweet tears of gratitude and yesterday was no different. As close friends of each of the artists I felt
a well of pride for all they share and inspire. I look forward to dancing to them on the main stage next year!

They were followed by Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda, a couple who first touched my heart two years ago when I heard them perform at the Bliss Beats festival
in Italy. I was touched by their devotion to their work and originality of their songs. Their album is entitled Live at the Alter of Love. The
album includes one track which they shared yesterday and which resonated deeply with my heart, the lyrics of which include: “All that I am I offer
to the alter of love in sweet surrender.” A reminder to let the mind get out the way and authenticity feel our innate connection to both God and
one another. The Bhakti dome quickly filled and transformed into a hum of voices and shared touch as tired bodies were massaged by Thai Yoga practitioner
and teacher at the Yoga Barn, Carlos Romero.

The session was a perfect opportunity to take rest, free the voice and let spirits soar. The team will be performing again, closing the Purnati branch
of the festival with a celebration to and of Life. The Maha Kirtan this afternoon will unite Kirtan artists and musicians including Kevin James
(who played at the second evening of the festival )and Punnu Watsu (who opened the festival at the Yoga Barn last Tuesday evening). Join us to
sing and be free at 3.15pm at the Main Pavilion. Hear you there! Celebrating, feeling, inspiring and being inspired – to just Be.

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