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Bring on the Love…… Oh Yay! It’s Valentine’s Day!

By Jade Richardson


… and only a month to go now before the candles are lit, the music turned up and our magical constellation of thousands of souls from all over the world gather in Bali for the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will be Bali Spirit 2014!

If there’s one reason we are gathering, it must be Love! Love for life, for each other, and for the ancient tools, tunes and practices that our presenters have lovingly sought and honed to share with all those called to join us here in Bali in March.

Whether you’re called for yoga, dance, song, fitness, laughter, surrender, joy, survival or the chance to turn your life around… there’s love at the heart of every offering at the Festival – so today let’s celebrate that with a little pre-festival magic.

Love potion for the life you want

Evoke the Law of Attraction into your life with this blend of oils as a perfume or a massage potion, and pack a little bottle to bring with you!

2 drops Sandalwood

2 drops Rosewood

3 drops Orange

3 teaspoons almond, olive, jojoba or coconut oil.

By now many of us know that the world we live in is a lot more Alice in Wonderland-ish than we ever imagined. Even our scientists are getting excited about what modern thinkers can now accept as a true magic woven through life – intention, attention, vibration and choice really do change the world – every little bit of it!

Famous Japanese Dr Emoto proved that the way we think changes who we are as well as everything around us. Lynne Mctaggart’s incredible book The Field shows that every living thing responds to the way we think, act and all of our wishes, intentions and even our ‘vibe’. Healers using essential oils, meridians, cranio-sacral balancing, chanting and movement have been tapped into this for ever!

Yoga has known this a very long time. Yoga may well be the science that modern research is heading for – and chanting, music, breathwork, massage and everything on offer at the Festival is part of a lineage of love for life – for all of life – that has been preserved from times when humanity knew how to work with a magic that is simply natural.

So – Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to think about it – what would you Love for your life right now? What would you Love this year to bring for you? What would you Love to have happen? And what would you Love to let go of?

Essential oils and potions made with intention have been used in sacred ritual, magical arts and medicine through the ages. Combining the power of chemistry with intention and vibration, they promise powerful benefits for body, mind, spirit and are even shown to powerfully affect emotions, libido, brain function and the hormones.

Festival presenter Frances Fuller uses Young Living essential oils for healing emotional and body trauma, injury, strength and beauty though aging, hormone balancing and creating the life you would Love. She says oils can help us

“believe in ourselves and accept where we are on our path, so that we then attract those who also believe in us and accept us for who we are”.


True Love Potion

Attract your life partner with this sacred rubbing oil for the wrists, heart and throat chakras.

1 drop patchouli

3 drops jasmine

1 drop mandarin

Exotic Pillow Spray

Spice up your bed for sensuality.

5 drops ylang ylang

5 drops rosewood

5 drops vanilla

5 drops sandalwood

5 drops jasmine

1 oz. vodka 
1 oz. purified water 
2 oz. glass spray bottle

As you get ready to join us, why not play with these gorgeous and sacred scents as part of preparing for the life-changing possibilities the Festival offers – or contact Frances to order oils to make magic with when you get here!

Happy Valentine’s Day from everybody here at Bali Spirit Festival!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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