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Channel the Right Energy to Live a Healthy Life with Yoga

So many of us out there are not living our healthiest lives. Sure, we are physically healthy – we eat well, exercise regularly, and get our beauty sleep
– but when it comes to our minds and spirits, something just isn’t connecting. Our busy, overwhelming lives just make it too hard to center our spirits,
and too often we let it slide.

But health is so much more than a tasty salad and eight glasses of water. Our spirit and energy are incredibly important when it comes to living a
healthy life. This is why we are so in love with regular yoga practice; yoga is a wonderful way to exercise our bodies, our minds, and our spirits
all in one go, making it a great way to truly live a healthy life.

The Body Benefits

It’s no surprise that many people have turned to yoga for health reasons. The positions are
simple enough for fitness newcomers, but also build tremendous strength and flexibility in the body. Yoga strengthens your core muscles and helps
with your posture. The low impact work is great for people with joint pain or other bodily issues. And when done right, yoga can aid in weight
loss. The benefits of a yoga practice are many, and it is so great that so many people across the world are discovering them.

But one of the greatest benefits of yoga is its holistic approach to health and fitness. When you settle in for a practice, you are not just mindlessly
moving to work out your muscles. Your motions are careful, focused on what your body needs on that given day – and also what your mind needs. Some
days you’ll want to take each pose to the limit, while other days you’ll want to spend twenty minutes in child’s pose. Both are ok. And therein
lies the beauty of yoga.

Mindful and Mighty

A proper yoga practice encourages the yogi to practice mindfulness – a kind of meditation that focuses on where you are in a particular moment. You
focus on your breathing and the way your muscles feel as you move through each pose. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself really engaged in the present,
rather than mentally going over your to-do list.

This practice of living in the moment is rare in our constantly-connected, “FOMO” (fear of missing out)-obsessed world, but it is something we desperately
need. Studies have shown that mindfulness
yields excellent benefits for our mental health, and a happy, well-adjusted mind is critical if we want to live truly healthy lives. Yoga can be
a great first step to a regular mindfulness practice.

Inner Harmony

Our bodies are working, our minds are at rest (at last) – but what about our souls? Yoga is, at its heart, a spiritual practice, which means that your
heart and soul have to commit if you want it to work for you. If you channel your energy and intention into your time at the mat, you’ll soon find
that you are beginning to get in touch with some of the spiritual benefits of yoga: positivity, potentiality, and desire, just to name a few.

Most importantly, your practice urges you to really get in touch with your own needs. Which poses will best benefit you today? How can you make this
time work for you? Answering these questions means really taking stock in yourself and sussing out what you can do to align your spiritual energy
and get things flowing. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be surprised just how happy and healthy you will feel.

Written by : Cassie Brewer


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