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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing With Awahoshi

I leapt in to the Main Pavillion slightly wet as the rain continued to pour down. Having been a diligent yogi and had a somewhat early night I wanted
to make sure I was in time to catch Les Leventhal’s epic Sunday morning “Rockursana Flow”. I knew that by the time my body was stretched, sweated,
exhausted and spent I would be in the perfect frame of mind for Awahoshis’s Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.

And I was right.

It was debatable whether my mat would have been wetter if I’d simply left it out in the rain rather than endured Les’ class. But the advantage of doing
the class before is you get to leave your mat in the best place for the next class (ha ha). Unfortunately for me, as Awahoshi positioned her bowls
in the centre of the space I realised that I’d got the front seat… at the back.

But never mind, closer is better yeah?

Awahoshi gave us a rambling dharma talk as she arranged her semicircle of crystal bowls. Beautiful white, crystal circles, their presence alone is
quite riveting and magnetic. They look beautiful simply sitting there.

Drawing on her experience as a healer, a yogini, a sound healer and her 60+ years on the planet earth living a predominantly plant based diet she covered
all sorts of topics from biophysics to vegetarianism to the practise of gratitude for all of our intimate relationships.

Then it was time to lie down, heads facing north so the magnetic crystals in our brains could be reprogrammed by the sounds emanating from her array
of crystal bowls.

The sound seemed to fill the air, wafting and weaving from left to right as if by magic. Harmonised to the pentatonic scale the pure notes seemed to
arise out of nothing to pervade the atmosphere and then return to silence or be woven in to the next cascade of notes and vibration.

Forty minutes seemed to pass in an instant and yet lasted forever at the same time. Afterwards, and after a period of silence, Awahoshi chanted a beautiful
invocation combining sanskrit mantra with invocations, affirmations and blessings.

It was a beautiful, peaceful, sacred space which was created and a welcome rest on the final day of the festival.

Written by : Russel Price


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