Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali 2025 Dates TBD

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Day 1: Dropping Into the General Mood of the Bali Spirit Festival

Take a look at who you are. Now take a look a who you aren’t.

Drop in to breath between movements. Many who make the journey to experience the Bali Spirt Festival come to experience a variety of workshops and presentations offered by a pantheon of world-class instructors. The real draw– what really makes them stay– is not the movement or meditation found in the yoga shalas or makeshift halls. The true essence that puts the spirit in this Bali Festival is the shared energy found outside of the class. This is reading between the lines. This is the yoga of community.

The first day began steady slow, as one would get out of bed at an enjoyable Sunday morning pace. In walking through the lush fairgrounds, one can’t help but overhear lines and cues echo softly out from the various yoga spaces. It is an energetic buffet, and many simply stop to smile and enjoy.

Arms higher, tailbone lower, extend the fingers, check the neck, breathe into the tongue.

You must accept your name. This is your name. I got into a lot of trouble when I didn’t listen to this.

Ah, yes, the egos are waking up. Let the breath follow.

This is definitely the yoga of community. In practicing yoga at a studio, one often does so alone in a group. Work over. Run to class. Unroll mat. Breathe Deep. Sweat. Savasana. Om Shanti Shanti. Thank you and goodnight, I’ve got to go.

Here, this is simply just not the case.

Fesitval goers are blessed with the beauitul opportunity to find a flowing grace in snapshot stillness. There is no rush, no need to shuffle off. You’ll see people lounge around, sharing plump coconuts, creating space to drop into a shared magic of cultivated mindfulness. New connections, old friends, everyone here is an expert in the enjoyment of now.Leaves gently rustle, a sweet breath of floral wind. Children, young and old, laughing. Collective energy.

And again, stillness first. After the stillness, find some gooey massage.

Play and freedom within the structure.

For how many of you is this going to be the first time? Wow. This is great!

For some, just another day on the job. For others, just the beginning of a transformational experience of a lifetime. Energy creates inspiration, and inspiration creates change. Day one has come and gone, and many seem to feel the same: It’s not about knowing where you are right now. It’s about appreciating where you aren’t. Take a look at who you are. Now take a look a who you aren’t.

Written by : Daniel Scott


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