Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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From Chile to China to Delhi to Dublin

The first night of the Bali Spirit Festival concert series was off the charts FUN. From Chile to China to Delhi to Dublin, the crowd didn’t stop moving once. Jacqueline Fuentes, from Chile, captivated the crowd with her hypnotic gentle voice and beautiful guitar instrumentals. Her music is beautiful, yet powerful in the most graceful and delicate way. The audience was captivated by her and she received a well-deserved roar of applause after her moving performance.

The headliner for last night was Vancouver, Canada band “Delhi to Dublin” who have been described as the “United Nations of Rock and Roll.” I was MCing the concert last night, so to introduce this kickass group from my hometown was truly an honor and a pleasure. They are a humble, genuine and uber talented 5some. I didn’t recognize them from previous shows or pictures, and these cute boys even told me they were just “sound guys” back stage before slapping me on the back and bursting into laughter. Good times. I’m so gullible and trusting sometimes, it’s ridiculous. Curse the people who take advantage of this. I digress. As with all of the shows that D2D play, the crowd was jumping up and down with their hands in the air for pretty much the entire performance. With their mix of Indian, Celtic and Electronica, there is no secret why this band is taking over stages all over the world. I really don’t know how they do it. They didn’t stop to take a breather once.There was no break in between songs, it was straight into the next high voltage foot-stomping beat. Delhi to Dublin’s sound is truly original.

I asked Ravi, the drummer at one point an obvious question. I said “Well, which one is your favorite? Delhi or Dublin?” His reply: “Delhi, obviously.” Waiting for a thoughtful explanation of why this was his choice…… again, he slapped me on the back and laughed. “Come on, I’m Indian!”. I will make sure to get equal opinions from all band members next time I see them. All in all, last night was perfect. It was such a beautiful blend of people from all over the world in the audience, to the truly multi-cultural talent on stage. The world, representing the world. Speaking one language: Music. Music is the voice of Love, Hope, Inspiration and many, many other things. I truly believe in the power of this festival and the people who are attending, performing and working at it, are changing the world.

Photography by: Candice Benson

Written by : Kate Matthewsv


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