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Gigi Yogini – Prima Core Tantra Kundalini

“What on earth is Primal Core Tantra Kundalini?” said my friend when I told him where I was going. I was as mystified and curious as he was and, after walking the entire length of the festival twice to find the toilets I manged to front up slightly late (but definitely warmed up and more relaxed) ready to get my Primal Core Kundalini energy well and truly Tantrified.

Choosing a spare space on the pine floor of the Yoga Barn Pavilion I was hit by the neon pink top and the even brighter, ageless smile of Gigi Yogini. Trained in Hatha Vinyasa, Tantra Kundalini and Yoga for Youth, Gigi also uses drum and dance to help others feel joy and self-love… but before the joy and self love there was the Primal Core part of the class to get through.

Admittedly I arrived a little late to practise my Primal call but Gigi gave a rousing demonstration of her yell of joy which sparked several return calls from people lounging by the pool. Then it was straight in to a series of Kundalini Yoga exercises to work our core. Slow spirals of the waist and hips, fast movements of the arms coupled with explosive outbreaths and some torturous exercises on the ground involving lifting our legs, then our arms, then our arms and legs together (ouch).

Still, as Gigi said “You are stronger than you have any idea” which was amazing to discover. Another of the principles she demonstrated was “Activation followed by Integration” – after extending ourselves with strengthening core exercises we were allowed to rest – at least for a little while until the next set of exercises.

In the background a combination of tribal drumming and other music chosen by Gigi was playing which kept the energy and enthusiasm high. In the few moments when my attention drifted I could hear the sound of the Kecak demonstration in the distance and splashes in the pool nearby.

After some floor work we stood up and formed a circle to continue more movements designed to activate the lower 3 chakras and the heart chakra. With awesome music playing in the background the combination of strong leg work and explosive arm work combined with the breath coalesced in to a free form dance session as we were invited fully in to our joy.

As Primal calls of joy resounded through the Yoga Barn Pavilion the session finally drew to a close as we all stood in a circle and connected. With my Primal yells finally voiced, my Core pleasantly sore and my Tantra Kundalini thoroughly sweaty and activated I left with a big smile on my face ready for my next adventure.

(all photos by Ulrike Reinhold)

Written by : Russel Price


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