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High Vibe Yoga, Shiva and Parvati

One of the gifts of today was being asked to assist Emily Kuser with her High Vibe Workshop. Each one of Emilys Anusara influenced classes manages to be unique and yet with a certain style that guides the practitioners through a slow flow, building confidence and bringing joy. Today was no different.

Emily has a gift for remembering the ancient Hindu myths. Not only that but she is able to recite them with clarity and confidence while giving them a distinctly ‘Emily’ spin. Emily manages to take legends from a different culture, translated from an ancient language sound like a bedtime story but with all the morals and ethics of the Universal Charter for Human Rights.

The story for today’s workshop was one of my favorites, and perhaps because Emily tells it so well. It was the story of how Parvati won the heart and respect of Shiva and as a result how they bore a child to the benefit of all. Parvati tried all typical strategies to win Shiva’s heart from flattery to seduction and yet Shiva remained in a state of deep and dedicated meditation. Parvati’s response? To meet him there. She walked into the jungle, found her place to assimiliate and sat. She sat with determination, with silence with commitment until ultimately Shiva became aware of another presence; of another beat in his vibration of meditation.

Emily used the legend to guide her class through conscious awareness of entering poses slowly, finding stillness and then garnering courage to practice inversions and open to backbends. The sequence was followed by the soul lifting sounds of live music as the guitar, classical flute and sitar created their own vibration to which hearts could pulse to.

More information about Emily and her retreats can be found at Or you can find her every day at the festival as she continues to work as Presenter Liaison bringing together teachers from all over the world to share their stories and unique gifts. Gratitude Emily!

Photo courtesy of beautiful Suki Zoe.

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