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How to Find Grounding During a Spiritual Festival

Spiritual festivals have the ability to uplift and enliven you to your maximum. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find grounding when there is so much going on at the same time. The tendency is to visit as many workshops and concerts as possible, to fully take in all the goodness of the festival! However sometimes, instead of uplifting us more, it can actually leave us feeling drained or our energy feels dispersed.

Why is that?

Because our energy goes into all corners and directions on a festival, absorbing a lot of sensory stimulation. For which we would usually take time to digest and let it settle in, we don´t really have time on a spiritual festival. Especially for empaths and highly sensitive people, who are receiving more information through energy then others, this is a topic to pay attention to. A highly sensitive person usually tends to absorb everything from everywhere, receiving even very subtle information and vibrations, which can leave them energetically scattered.

On the contrary, it could also be that the energy rises up so much, because of the high vibe at the festival, energy portals opened, light showers received and heart warming frequencies, that the personal energy just shoots all the way out of the body. Which then leaves you feeling high vibe, but not really connected to yourself and your physical sensations.

The Benefits of Grounding

The simple effects of grounding are that you feel more connected to your body, your intuition and the flow of life and you easily find a balance between rest and activity, silence and noise. The more you feel all of your energy in your body, the more you feel life and enlivened! Grounding means your energy is connected to your body, to your feelings and to the earth. It is collected and centered in your main energy points in the body, and you find it easy to have a good sense of yourself, your surrounding and what you need in each moment. In short, you are in balance.

Grounding Yourself through Dance

If you have lost your balance because a lot has been going on and you didn´t have time to reflect yet, you can bring your energy back into your body through grounding. The best way to do that is by being in nature, digesting all sensory stimulation, taking a walk barefoot through the grass, dancing, massage or simply rest.

Some of the workshops at BaliSpirit Festival were unexpected gems in terms of grounding, such as the Roots, Rhythms, Afro Brazilian Dance Workshop with Meninas Da Lua! As the presenters had everyone dancing, hip shaking, stomping and walking all about the Pavillion with fast, upbeat, sweaty Brazilian beats and live drum batucada, it was an easy task to bring everyone back into their bodies! Many people left the workshop dazzled, vibrant and well connected, with a big smile on their face!

Another one of the grounding yet fiery workshops with connection to all natural elements was Malaika Darville’s 5Elements Dance, in which she lead the group through physical activation to connect to mother earth, the fire elements, water and air, guiding everyone through different types of movements and music styles to bring the wildness as well as the inner softness out. The dance started off on the floor, crawling and moving about like animals in nature, connecting to the energy of the ground. It then moved on through some fiery stages of fast and tribal music that had everyone sweating and shaking, releasing sounds and entering into wild movement, to then progress to the sensual and heart opening tunes of lighter quality. A voyage through the different energies that nature offers and that are all present in every body.

Grounding Yourself through Nature

Grounding through nature is one of the easiest ways to come back to yourself. By simply allowing yourself down time in the green, absorbing the sounds of the birds, the fresh air around you, the quietness of the space and the vastness of the sky, your energy naturally re-collects in your body and gives you a sense of connectedness and tranquility.

Nature has the wonderful effect to release, restore and balance your energy naturally and brings you a sense of peace and calmness. If you have been very active throughout the days in different workshops and chatting with friends, taking in all the goodness of a spiritual festival, taking some time out in nature is a good bet to come home to yourself.

And once you are calm and collected, you can easily find the next workshop that´s just right for you, enter with all of your attention and energy well connected in your center and get the most out of the rest of the festival.

The best way to restore the balance and find harmony within, is through alternating moments of quietness and moments of activity. Because the more energy you have for each thing you do, the better you absorb and learn from it!

Written by Anna Haack intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ. 


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