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Insights from Deya Dova, Matsumoto Zoku, Farafi, Murray Kyle and Vieux Cissokho

In our last post, we shared with you some insights from Desert Dwellers, Markandeya, Kevin James and Mariama Kouyate. This week, we continue with getting to know BaliSpirit Festival musicians. Check out the answers of Deya DovaMatsumoto ZokuFarafiMurray Kyle and Vieux Cissokho on creativity and inspiration.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Deya Dova: “I am inspired by the delights of Earth, her Song lines, Sun, Ocean, Crystalline Grid, the Desert where I grew up, Stars, Petroglyphs, Creation stories, our Ancient Origins and from travelling and recording at energy centres and sacred sites around the planet.”

Deya Dova

Matsumoto Zoku: “We get our inspiration from travelling, people and life.”

Farafi: “FARAFI draws inspiration from the diversity of African music. We listen and collect songs from traditional to contemporary through to pumping afro beat from the 60’s and 70’s. We love to bring different cultures and colours together.”

Murray Kyle: “I draw inspiration from the yearnings in my heart and the flame of hope that still burns brightly in this wondrous world.”

Vieux Cissokho: “My inspiration is based on many things but the most important is my ancestors who gave me the instrument and show me where to begin everything.”

What do you do to “unleash” your creativity?

Deya Dova: “I hold the intention to be the hollow bone, I get out of my own way, let go of thinking I need to create in any particular form and simply allow the expression, freedom, Spirit to flow.”

Farafi: “We have each other. We are constantly bouncing off one another with ideas. So we unlock each other and create a vibrant and lively scene. On stage the energy is very high and that triggers more ideas for the next shows. Watching other people performing is also a very good tool to get those little neurons of ours working.”


Murray Kyle: “I feel that creativity is always ready to unleash through us, and the more empty we can be in any moment, the more that river can flow. For me it happens spontaneously at any time. Sitting in traffic, or sitting on a mountain top, creation can arrive and inspire.”

Vieux Cissokho: “My creativity is connected to the nature, love and peace between everything.”

What is one song / mantra / quote that helps you get up and go?

Deya Dova: “I choose to focus on amplifying my highest frequency for the good of all”

Matsumoto Zoku: Keith Jarrett – Somewhere over the rainbow

Farafi: If you like pinna coladas…

Murray Kyle: “What would Love do now ?” or “If you’re skating on thin ice, you may as well dance” and many more!

Murray Kyle

Vieux Cissokho: “For me music is a medicine as it’s part of my everyday life.”

What should we expect from you at the BaliSpirit Festival this year?

Deya Dova: “A celebration of the Sacredness of Life, Spirit and the Sacred Feminine. An elevated, conscious dance floor experience with global bass and beats, evocative storytelling and ancient vocal layering. A mythical, visual, telaportive sonic experience.”

Matsumoto Zoku: “We bring Light and we can’t wait to meet New People!”

Matsumoto Zoku

Farafi: “People who come to see Farafi at the BaliSpirit Festival can expect (if they need to) fresh sounds and high spirited music calling ancestral harmonies and echoing the songs of Africa. A lot of dancing a lot of smiles and definitely a heartfelt memory.”

Murray Kyle: “An inspiring lyrical journey that stirs the embers in your flame to burn more brightly in this time and in this world.”

Vieux Cissokho: “Excited about the BaliSpirit Festival and looking forward to sharing my skill and connecting with you all.”

Vieux Cissokho

We hope these little insights may give you some ideas you can apply in your lives for some extra creativity and inspiration!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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