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Jamie Catto – Inspirational Speaker at the 2013 BaliSpirit Festival

Creativity Instigator * Film Producer/Director * Musician * Change Agent

Jamie Catto aims to make activism the driving art movement of this era.

A man of many dimensions, Jamie Catto is co-founder of the group Faithless and directed critically acclaimed videos, including Faithless’ stunning sign language film ‘God is a DJ’. In 2000, he became the creative catalyst, producer and director behind the brilliant global philosophy and music project ‘1 Giant Leap’, shot and recorded in 50 global locations with friend and fellow co-founder Duncan Bridgeman. All of these experiences influenced his philosophy and teaching.

Jamie brings his workshops on intimacy, self development and creativity to the 2013 BaliSpirit Festival. He draws from the richly diverse wisdom, techniques and processes he has encountered as a producer and director of ground-breaking films, albums and philosophical voyages across five continents, he weaves these unique creative strategies and exercises to spark personal breakthroughs and accelerate creative potential.

Listen, Learn & Love with Jamie.

Bring your spirit, energy and presence to the our annual celebration of yoga, dance and music.

Transforming shadows into rocket fuel: Jamie Catto at TEDxLausanne

Written by : Jocelyn Gordon


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