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Kevin James in the House! Kirtan Raising the Roofbeams…

BaliSpirit Festival had a dose of pure love and light last night when Kevin James raised the roof beams at the ARMA Watergarden Pavillion. Eschewing the stage, Kevin’s kirtan group sat on the floor, surrounded by an inner circle of Ubud regulars who have been singing devotional kirtan with James over the past year. The night was hot and we all worked up quite a sweat, singing and dancing can be hard work.

Kevin James, who hails from Australia, carries his practice of heart and compassionate oneness into a fusion of world music and devotional chanting, and last night was an exceptional example of his contagious and spirit-inspired music. His repertoire included original Kevin James songs like We Are We and We Are One, Aum Gaia, Nothing but Love, Dance with the Whales, and traditional mantra songs Aum Hari Aum, Hari Krishna Hari Ram, each with repetitive verse.

Kevin James’ approach to kirtan inspires everyone in the room to sing, and the full-house audience responded in a big way in song and dance. As we rose to a crescendo with each impassioned song, the pavilion became a chamber of ecstatic rapture, a house of joy. The event had the feeling of an old time revival, with even a few people dropping into ecstatic trance, dancing the night away. What a wonderful evening, such a gift… rich, soulful, heart-centered and inspiring. 

Kevin James’ accompanying entourage last night included Byron Bay singer Mel Dobra, Chris Lane (OKA) on slide guitar and flute, and a stunning cameo appearance on didgeridoo by Stu Boga Fergie. also of OKA (OKA is the big-sound Australian world fusion group who will be performing on the One World Stage at ARMA on Saturday night.).

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Written by : Jeremiah Abrams


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