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Learn Balinese Dance with Evie! (Videos).


Learn Balinese Dance with Evie (Video Series).

I am barely able to write this article after attempting to articulate my fingers like a Balinese dancer. The art form may seem simple to outsiders, but requires meticulous attention to detail resulting from years of concentrated training. Tremendous timing and coordination is required to keep up with the Balinese dance choreography we were privileged to learn at The Bali Spirit Festival. Forget about yoga, if you want to access never before used muscles then take a Balinese Dance class with Evie at Mekar Bhuana.

Evie was born into a family of dancers. She founded Mekar Bhuana with her husband. Mekar Bhuana is a family based centre in Denpasar that documents rare and extinct Balinese court and archaic gamelan music and dance. Evie was the World Music Artist in Residence at the University of Toronto where she taught rare repertoire and gave seminars and workshops about the importance of documenting and archiving Balinese traditions.

Written by : Carrie Stiles


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