Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Love BaliSpirit – Meet the Master: Lela Thomas, Access Consciousness, USA/ Bali

Lela truly believes that the tools to change consciousness across the planet are available to us in this lifetime. The energy is neither radiatory nor magnetic – it is Acoustical – an infinite energy with an endless capacity for creating more change and giving more space in your body and mind than you have probably ever experienced.

How I sum up Bali Spirit Festival… multicultural, fun, joy, peace, possibilities!

It’s a great way to… Dive in deep and make new choices.

I want you to know that… The Universe has your back!

I found yoga…for stress management in the early 70’s. The body holds so much awareness yet we tend to think it’s only the mind that gets us through things by figuring it out.

Yoga is… a window into what is going in your body and whole psyche. As we open our body more and more the stories come to the surface, and healing modalities facilitate a space for transforming and transmuting the mystery of who we be.

I don’t get… how people cope in life without yoga, dance, music and healing modalities.

The things that challenge me… have always taken me to the next layer of being.

Every obstacle is… the key to unlock new choices.

What if…there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us? What if there is nothing to fix? What if we can make a new choice every 10 seconds? Instead of deciding we were bad, what if we decided to choose something else?

I love…inspiring others to know everything is a choice, and that choice creates awareness and consciousness. When we truly get this we are free to change everything; our love life, our body, our career, our money flow, our life and our living.

I am grateful for… the opportunity to share tools that are easy and change lives quickly.

When things get tough… laugh!

This I know is true… The Four Immutable Laws of the Universe shared by Reiki Master, Randall Hayward 1. Whatever time it begins, is the only time it could begin. 2. Whoever shows up is the right person, or someone else would have shown up. 3. Whatever happens is what was supposed to happen or something else would have happened. 4. When it is over, it is over. Somehow, that always gave me peace no matter what I am involved in.

I never knew…. what I wanted because my early life was mostly about surviving. It was easier for me to know what I did not want it to be 🙂

I always wanted… more choice, more love, ease and joy.

I keep looking for… more consciousness – through the body, the breath, the spirit, the mind. My awareness now is that the Universe has your back! It’s a wonderful path of discovery.

If I wasn’t a facilitator of consciousness… I would spend my time in nature watching the sun make its shadows and feeling the breeze on my skin.

Let’s make 2014 the year to… Be the change we seek in the world.

Books I love…The Place, by Gary Douglas, and Being You, Changing the World, by Dr. Dain Heer.

Meet Lela at BaliSpirit Festival 2014!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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