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Love BaliSpirit – Meet the Masters: Doreen Ng Wui Ching

Ng Wui Ching (Doreen) found herself becoming fascinated by Tripsichore Yoga because of its graceful flow and breathing technique associated with the flow. Doreen has since been practicing Tripsichore Yoga under the guidance of Edward Clarke and obtained her 500 hour Teacher Training Program conducted by him in 2011. Throughout the years of pursuing her own yoga practice, she has devoted much time to teaching and is currently the principal teacher at Padma Yoga Studio in Malaysia and oversees all of the programs and courses offered.

Few of her thoughts here,

If you could be on the cover magazine what would it be?

Yoga Journal: Breath of Fresh Air. It’s the perfect story about me because Tripsichore is unique among yoga styles for its intense focus on udiyana breathing. We link breath to movement, and use the mind to focus on both – when the three synchronise you have a movement meditation anchored in the deepest rhythm of life.

How did you discover Tripsichore Yoga?

Edward Clark’s Tripsichore Workshop was the first yoga workshop I ever attended. I was hooked from the get go. I absolutely love learning from Edward. He is sincere and earnest- a teacher who lets you discover yourself in yoga, and who lets you know learn by self-discovery. Edward and I are able to ‘talk’ yoga beyond spoken language. We connect at a level that transcends words… which is one thing yoga is about.

Is Tripsichore more difficult that other types? 
I think all forms of yoga, when pursued seriously and intently, come with their respective difficulty.

What do you love most about teaching this method?

Learning and teaching udiyana breathing. I feel connected to earth, the environment, the universe when that connection with the udiyana happens.

Do you think yoga really does make a difference to people’s lives?

Yes. It pushes us to know ourselves at a deeper level. With all the stress and distraction, yoga brings a certain focus and helps to center our lives. Yoga has brought a balance to my life. It has allowed me to re-focus my outlook and created in me a desire to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible.

If you had one wish… what would it be?

To do yoga my entire life.

And one imperfection you can’t give up?

My love for eating a local dish call Koko mee which is noodle and very fattening!

Meet Doreen at BaliSpirit Festival 2014!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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