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Love BaliSpirit – Meet the Masters: Elaine Grundy

Elaine has lived all over the world, and began her life in corporate, before discovering Reiki. She founded The Reiki Centre in Singapore in 2007 and relinquished suits for jeans and t-shirts. With age, Reiki and a deeper awareness of what wellness really means, Elaine now focuses on teaching, healing and inspiring others to create more peace and wholeness in their lives. Author of “Reiki, Pure and Simple”, she is also passionate about the possibilities provided by the amazing world of the Internet and hosts a global online community providing Reiki education, training and support.

Bali Spirit Festival, in a word? Uplifting!

Let’s not forget to… slow down, reconnect and get balanced.

I’m lucky because… Bali Spirit Festival is right on my doorstep!

Reiki changed… my entire life!

My biggest transformation was… from a stressed out advertising exec to a chilled out (hehe) Reiki teacher.

Did your practice assist you through any major challenges in life? I don’t even know where to begin! Reiki helped me through postpartum depression and to develop a feeling of being deeply connected, something that was definitely missing before I came to Reiki. Now it’s fabulous help to my family, keeping us all healthy, well and balanced.

From early on I knew… the corporate world would not fulfill me.

I found Reiki by… falling into it. . But even then it took me years of working with Reiki before it became my life path – it had to deepen in me sufficiently that I could see it as a spiritual path and not just a way to relieve my stress! That probably took me about 5-7 years to develop that inner connection.

Taking it slowly… was great in the end – it taught me the value of deepening, patience, and unfolding and I feel it has given me a lot of internal wisdom and trust.

The most inspiring thing you can do… is to shine the light, be fully present and the authentic person you want to be – then others are naturally attracted to you.

A great teacher… sometimes has that look of pure love that radiates from an enlightened person and which takes my breath away and reminds me too that we are all one and connected.

Change is always… action, not words.

I wish I could… breathe under water

The best remedy for a tough problem is… an understanding friend

If I wasn’t a Reiki Master… I’d be a kundalini yoga teacher.

When I was growing up I wanted to be… a school teacher, I didn’t know there was any other kind.

Best book to pack for the flight over? Byron Katie ‘Loving what is’

My favourite quote… ‘When washing dishes, wash dishes.’ Buddha

Let’s make 2014 the year of… LOVE!

Meet Elaine at BaliSpirit Festival 2014!

Written by : BaliSpirit


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