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Love BaliSpirit – Meet The Masters: Tahir Faridi Qawwal, Bhakti, USA

Sufi Soul, features Tahir Qawwal of Fanna-Fi-Allah in a collaboration of passionate musicians basking in on sweet side of Indian & Pakistani Sufi music. As a scaled down version of the Fanna-Fi-Allah qawwali party, Sufi Soul offers a rich variety of classical & semi-classical genres such as khayal, thumri, ghazal, bhajan, qawwali & geet. After years of rigorous training with the highest masters of qawwali in Pakistan & the Indian classical adepts of Benaras, Tahir’s heartfelt vocal mastery is an ecstatic experience not to miss!

Tahir, few of his thoughts here..

Just call me… Sufi Soul Sangeet

Bali Spirit Festival, in a word… Community

I want to tell everybody about… Pakistan, the land of Sufi’s

My motto for this year’s Festival… Community, heath & culture

My yoga life … was guided by life itself

If I didn’t find yoga.. I’d be dead!

Don’t panic… practice breath awareness

I’d love to be…promoting the truth about Pakistan & the many gifts this culture has to offer the world.

Get into…Sufi Soul – the movie

Tune into… Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali

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My favourite link is…

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