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Make like a fish in the healing area: Ozone Therapy and Intuitive Healing with Bob Supernant

Low in energy? Suffering sinus related conditions? Ready to turn your body into the living embodiment of the Little Mermaid as you pump ozone into your ear canal through a specially modified stethoscope and writhe like a fish in the name of revitalization?

With 25 years of practice in many healing disciplines, Bob Supernant is the man to help. And he’ll be highly visible at this year’s BaliSpirit Festival, not just because of his fabulous personality, but because he’ll be the only one sitting like an Egyptian prince in a pyramid in the healing area (more about that at a later date I’m sure).

In the Bali community, Bob is highly regarded as an authentic healer who not only gets straight to the heart of whatever’s troubling you, but can offer practical solutions for making sure your crazy life remains calm.

He’ll be offering Ozone Therapy with the use of a Chi machine (devised in Japan by a man who discovered the motion of a fish in water increases its ability to absorb oxygen). Making like a fish yourself, you’ll be re-energised with a healthy serving of ozone as you lie down and get your legs gently rocked by the Chi machine.

It sounds bizarre but before you get all embarrassed at the thought of looking fishy, I’m going to give it a shot first, to test the waters (so to speak), so check back here for the video. I might even wear some mermaid shells…

Bob will also be offering Intuitive Healing. He’s a dab hand at banishing stress from your life and operates a highly intuitive, integrated, effective approach of digging out the little habits that keep us confined, anxious, unable to heal and yawning all over the place with a general air of “can’t be bothered.” Wouldn’t it be nice to feel enthusiastic about something… anything, again?

Let Bob Supernant at your energy field in the BaliSpirit Festival healing area and then let us know the difference. Well, that’s if you haven’t decided the ocean life’s for you and swum off in an o-zoned state of bliss in search of more fish.

One Ozone Treatment session with Bob will cost RP 350,000

One Intuitive Healing session will cost RP 450,000

Written by : Becky Wicks


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