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Balispirit Festival 2016 in Yogi Times

BaliSpirit Festival has announced the dates and lineup for their 2016 event. This will be the 9th year of the event, which features concerts, seminars, and workshops for all things yoga, and more. The festival is located in the exquisitely gorgeous southern Bali, in the city of Ubud, as well as the Bhanuswari Resort and Spa.

From March 29th through April 3rd, festival going yogis can learn about acro yoga, tantric yoga, yin yoga, and kundalini yoga practices, to name a few. And, beyond asana, yogis can attend workshops and seminars on breathwork and philosophy. These classes are taught by experienced teachers from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and even the Caribbean. The festival brings together an amazing array of teachers from around the world, creating a concentration of inspiring teachers for attendees to learn from.

bali spirit festival 2016

Photography by Hannah Hartsell


And yoga is only the beginning. BaliSpirit Festival is also a music festival, and this year features such headliners as The Opiuo Band, and Nahko and Medicine for the People. There are dozens more artists to be seen, during the night performances, featuring many different genres, as well as daytime artists during the sunlight hours of the festival. It’s worth noting that the daytime and nighttime events are located across two venues, but the festival does, for a fee, provide a shuttle for getting between the two.

To go along with all that amazing music, are dozens of dance classes and workshops featuring everything from hip hop to African dance. There is even an experimental improv class. As if dancing weren’t enough, there will also be teachers offering workshops in martial arts such as capoeira. There will even be a parkour workshop. No one will be left out at this festival.

Including the kids!The festival is family friendly, and there are many child specific activities. The festival also offers daycare services, so parents can run wild for a bit. The Sunday of the festival is a designated family day, offering all kinds of family geared events. The proceeds from these events go to the festival’s outreach programs, which include some really great stuff.

The festival sponsors children’s programs in the local community, environmental conservation efforts, and even an HIV/AIDS outreach program. This festival loves to give back to the community. It also gives a lot to its participants; one of the main goals of this festival is to facilitate an environment for personal and spiritually growth. The workshops, classes, and seminars are geared towards personal development, and inspire participants grow, learn, and change for the better. And what better place to do this then in this dazzling little corner of Bali


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