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Moving With Mantra: Kundalini Yoga

Walking into class late because you forgot to fill up your water (which is free at Bali Spirit – thanks!) doesn’t usually help put me at ease for a class. But walking into the Amphitheatre this afternoon seeing around 100 people dancing around to their own rhythm was a fun and exciting start to my first Kundalini Yoga class.

After I had danced my way to a spot at the back Rebecca had a quick chat with the class explaining that Kundalini was a mix of movement, mantra and meditation. One of the great lessons I took away was to do yoga and use the skills it taught me to build my own compassion. Kundalini Yoga consists of active and passive asana – based moves and meditations which target the whole body system (glands, nervous system, chakras) to develop awareness, consciousness and spiritual strength.You can find out moreHERE.

Remember when you were a kid and you had to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time and it was really difficult? That’s how I felt in Rebecca’s Class. There were several series of routines we learnt but after a few failed attempts I managed to pick things up. Anyway it was so funny seeing everyone else mess up we were all laughing and having fun, isn’t that what BaliSpirit is about?!

The end of the class finished with a ‘line dancing’ meditation and then we all sat in a group circle, held hands and I really felt a strong energy leaving the class. If, like me you are used to standard Yoga classes like Vinyasa and Hatha this is a great way to introduce yourself to new styles. Rebecca is a fun, helpful teacher and I left the class feeling more confident in my abilities not just as a Yogi but in my ability to try new things and have fun with it – which is what you should try and do at BaliSpirit too!

Written by : Hannah Cox


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