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Mudiana: a smile to open any heart

Its a shame that with the last minute changes to the timetable, more people didn’t get to know about and experience this rare gem.

When I came to BaliSpirit Festival last year, one of my friends said that this woman embodies the essence of this island. Mudiana sings (and dances) opening to channel the traditions of her people and also here and now in this community where the kirtans, bajhans and songs of our heart and many countries open us to God. It is a level of devotion that is an offering. An exquisite experience.

Looking around as I arrived late, I could hear the soaring lilts of Mudiane’s voice calling us to gather. An invocation, an opening to channel. That is all I feel when I see her in her sacred space of offering. It is like the ancestors come through her, all the spirits of the island in a voice of storytelling. I can not understand the words she is singing, but I feel the potency of her calling. “Namor Namore Namore” I heard come through at one stage, reminding me of yesterdays singing workshop with Daphne and John, where she said that this unties the knots of the heart. It certainly felt like it, in the Watergarden at Arma. She calls it up, raising the hairs all over my body. Come to peace Smile Dance at the end of Kevins kirtan. A rare sight of witness. Like the devas take over. Such power for a little woman. 

And a smile to open any heart.


Written by : Kala Shekinah


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