Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Oka are always great. But on Saturday night they were off the HOOK. I’m already a fan, but they blew my mind. A combination of many good things no doubt – the atmosphere at Bali Spirit has been super high this year. Back to Bali again so soon after Soulshine Festival at Christmas, Oka delivered a rousing set (with people partying afterwards late into the night).

There is a stillness about their performance. With DidgeriStu standing behind the didgeridoo and mixing desk, Lee Hardisty almost motionless at his mic, and Declan Kelly fueling the drums, there isn’t a lot of movement on stage. And we don’t need there to be – the action takes place in the crowd, from the very first note. This is music without ego or flamboyance, they deliver heart thwombing, foot stomping beats that just keep coming.

Stu is like a secret. Holding the whole thing together, he is the heart of the show. Declan Kelly is the fire – powerful and consistent, a tiger on the drums. Lee is quiet. Changing instruments fluidly between songs, he gives little away.

Enter special guest Marcus Berg. Ok, I’ll confess straight up: camera crush. His usual style of music is more singer songwriter, but with Oka he raps. Barefooted, and almost hiding back behind the speakers, he loops and twists. He is fluid and fascinating – intense, yet with a similar stillness as Oka. There are no Mick Jaggers on this stage. For which I am grateful.

It was epic. Awesome. Yup, there I go running out of adjectives again.

Written by : Suki Zoe


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