Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Opening up at the BaliSpirit Festival, Day 2

Photo by Ulrike Reinhold

Close your eyes so you can see perfection. This is where the rubber hits the road.

It is now day two, and the festival has begun to come alive. Where yesterday was about dropping in, today was about letting go. As the day moved forward with a playful confidence, so did it’s participants in grace and confidence. In realizing the strength of the community forming, intrepid yogis from around the world have begun to celebrate in rare form.

Are you ready? This is where you say yes. Yes is a great answer for everything. 
It is time to answer the call. Learn to understand communication through the heart phone. 
I want you to call out to your Romeo or Juliet! You can be the loudest people in this whole festival! 
Here, you are paying homage to yourself. Open your eyes.

There is definitely a palpable difference in flavor from one day to the next. Today’s schedule featured a wide assort of high-energy classes, from arm balances & inversions to AcroYoga Solar Acrobatics to Sarina Jain’s Bollywood Bhangra mashup dance class. Even those taking pause or resting between classes did so with a joyful elegant energy. Hearts have opened. Bodies are warm. The yogic embrace of community has tapped into a wellspring of excitement.

It’s in how people greet each other, regardless familiar or strange. There is a shared understanding of right place, right time. In how people unroll their yoga mats, creating space and stepping in. It’s apparent that horizons are being explored, new heights being reached, and new friends being made. There are seemingly as many languages being spoke as workshops being offered as foods being served.

It’s said that there is an 85% chance of all births could miscarried. This won’t help you do a better handstand or stronger downward dog. I offer this to you that life is a gift, one that you can give yourself and to others. 
“Balle Balle!” literally means Whoop Whoop! It is an expression of love. We are going to do everything the opposite of what you think yoga is.

It is about trust. It is about Community. Here and Now. You either are or you aren’t. The decision is up to you.

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Written by : Daniel Scott


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