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Opening Up at the BaliSpirit Festival: Day 3

The ride was quick. This could have been because the frenetic roads have become more familiar, or perhaps that I was in a rush to make class. There was no choice in the matter– I was to make Les Leventhal’s class, despite the best efforts of the meandering truck ahead of me, hauling five incredibly large pigs wrapped in chicken wire.

Yoga begins now, I exhaled as my scooter weaved around the obstacles before it.

There were two spots left in the already over-capacity studio. Directly in the sun. Exactly where I want to be for a hip opening class. Everything works out exactly as it’s supposed to– especially when one is open to grace. Unrolling my mat, I managed to enjoy a good handful of deep breaths before the movement began. Yoga might have already begun before on the road to the festival, but it was about to get real. Right. Now.

The vibe has solidified. Festival goers have dropped in, let go, and are now opening up to whatever may come. The classes of Day Three have taken on a nurturing quality. After all, two days of non-stop yoga, movement, and mindfulness can take a toll on even the most auspicious yogis body. This is not to say that the classes are all sleepytime hugfests. Bodies are warm. People are ready, excited. Yoga has begun.

The space between the classes seems fuller, more rich and vibrant. People are making use of the shaded areas and comfortable stuffed chairs set out to accommodate community. The vendors have constant traffic, lines of smiling and hungry students looking to feed the hunger brought on by intense work. The echoing sounds from the various classes at any given time blend together in a lovely hush of spiritual harmony, and one will often see a number of students listening deep to find the siren call of the next class that speaks to them. 

Hearts open. Breath deep. Body light. Mind at ease. This BaliSpirit family moves with strength, ease, devotion, and grace.


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Written by : Daniel Scott


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