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The 13th annual BaliSpirit Festival is in full production mode and is excited to launch on March 29th through April 5, 2020, at Purnati Center for the Arts in Batuan, Gianyar, Bali.

For 2020, the BaliSpirit Festival is excited to welcome over 800 global participants and volunteers who will join what is slated to be the BEST Festival of the event’s 13-year history. In addition, more than 150 world renown presenters and artists will descend on Ubud for this incredible event, offering a unique mosaic of workshops and world music concerts set to inspire all who participate.

In the “age of Corona,” the Festival organizers are committed to making the Festival grounds as hygienic and healthy as possible so that our BaliSpirit Festival Community can make the most out of this love filled ‘life changing’ experience. Recently, the media has done its best to discourage people from traveling to countries with high percentages of COVID-19. So far, the Indonesian Govt has reported only 20 positive cases of COVID-19. The authorities have taken extreme virus checking and prevention measures in Ngurah Rai airport, to make Bali a very safe place to travel for solo travelers and groups of friends.

The dedicated Spirit Team has been collaborating with Bali based stakeholders, including the Bali Health Department and the Indonesian Authorities to prepare for any possible scenarios related to COVID-19 at the event, also following the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Preparations include, but are not limited to: Airport temperature screenings upon arrival in Bali, extra personal and general hygiene training for ALL of the BaliSpirit Festival staff and volunteers, increased handwashing stations throughout the venue, extra cleaning and sanitizing crews manning the bathrooms and showers, extra cleaning and chemicals in the swimming pool, the appointment of a specially trained medical doctor and nurses on staff during the event who will be quality controlling the venue & checking the grounds regularly for any signs of illness, an ambulance on site, an additional medical tent dedicated COVID–19 which will be stocked with all the necessary supplies, and lots of signage & reminders throughout the event. The Festival will also be working to inform ticket buyers, presenters, volunteers and staff alike how to boost their immune systems before they hop on a plane to Bali.

The BaliSpirit Festival is committed to taking a cautionary approach to virus infection prevention at this year’s event and is excited to see everyone come together to celebrate our health and wellness collectively as an offering to ourselves and the planet. The BaliSpirit Festival encourages everybody to not panic and to choose love instead of fear and to join this magical gathering to create a healing energy not only against COVID-19, but also for oneself and our planet.

For more info on how the BaliSpirit Festival is handling COVID-19 see our Hygiene Guidelines:

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About BaliSpirit Festival
Founded in 2008, the BaliSpirit Festival has grown to one of the most well-known yoga, dance and music festivals in the world. Following the Hindu principle of Tri Hit Karana: Harmony with God, Harmony with Community, Harmony with Nature, the BaliSpirit Festival aims to awaken and nourish each individual’s potential for positive change within, leading to positive change in our homes, in our communities, and around the world. More information:


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