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BaliSpirit Festival 22 Mei 2022

Ubud-Bali, Indonesia, 22nd May, 2022


The last day of BaliSpirit Festival has came to an end. The participants enjoyed more than 25 performances and classes such as yoga, healing, dance, music, seminars and workshops. The festival started from 9AM to 12AM. Only for today, there was Community & Family Day where Bali ID card holders/KIPEM could join the festival by donation. Kids under the age of 12 could enter the festival area for free.


One of the classes that were highly on demand on the last day of the festival was Hula Hoop Dance & Tricks with Mishie Hoops. In this class, the participants played hula hoops altogether.


Hanuman Yoga with Sugeng Madeira was also one of the popular yoga class. The participants were guided to do a series of yoga movement combined with breath work to stretch the body and to train the nervous system.


African Drumming Meditation with Chocolako was on high demand as well. Unlike other meditation classes, the participants were asked to form a circle dan dance altogether along with African drums playing.


The second press conference was held at the Media Center, with the teachers of BaliSpirit Festival as the presenters such as Jane Chen (Healer dan Voice Activator), Thoriq ‘Cravo’ Nurhidayah (Capoeira, Martial Arts, Dance dan Yoga), Amit Miglani (Reiki Grand Master), Nadine McNeil (Yoga Teacher dan Women’s Circle Facilitator), and Brian Siddharta (Somatic Yoga Teacher).


As the last day of the festival came to an end, BaliSpirit Festival showcased a series of music performances such as Temple Step, Jungle Kitchen, and others.


For further information, contact [email protected] or Dimaz 0361-970992. All information can be accessed on:


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