Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali 2025 Dates TBD

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World Peace Garden

The World Peace Garden at Bali Spirit Festival, is a sanctuary of quietude and intention within the vibrant energy of the Bali Spirit Festival 2024.

This sacred space welcomes Festival participants of all faiths and backgrounds to connect with their inner peace and offer prayers for global peace.

The World Peace Garden honors those currently experiencing war and conflict, both nationally and individually. We acknowledge their suffering and carry them in our hearts through collective prayers and intentions.

Amidst the activities of the festival, we offer a space to Pause and Reflect, allowing visitors to connect with their inner emotions and reflect on the significance of World Peace.

The World Peace Garden serves as a powerful symbol of unity and hope amidst the complexities of our world. By offering a space for quiet reflection, shared prayers, and creative expressions of peace, the chapel empowers individuals to contribute to a more peaceful collective consciousness, both within the Festival and beyond.

Praying for Love (War is Over)

In honor of world peace, our friend Saul David Raye, an internationally known yoga teacher, singer-songwriter and activist, has shared this song with all of us. Listen here:

“My hope is that people will be moved by the song, dance and sing along at the top of their lungs “War is Over”.” – Saul David Raye

This year’s Peace Garden was conceptualised by Swaady Martin, see her bio here: