Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali March 29-April 4, 2021



Live Organic Electronic


SĀDANA is the latest project of medicine musician and filmmaker Benjamin Henretig.  SĀDANA derives from the Sanskrit sadhana, which is “a spiritual practice to evoke divinity,” and is an invitation to approach our shared creation and experience of music as a devotional offering. Weaving a cinematic sense of story that grew out of his decade of experience as an award-winning documentary filmmaker with meditation & mantra from the Vedic tradition, SĀDANA invites participants into a mythic journey into the healing potential of sound.

Captures is a cross-discipline artist who combines his electronic music productions with live instrumental performance. Using found sound, synthetic, live, and organic textures, Captures creates a blend of sonic experiences from the studios and dance-floors of Berlin to creative spaces Worldwide. Influenced by styles ranging from down-beat, trip-hop, deep house, ambient, and meditative music, Captures invites more than just the music itself; but a more in-depth look into the bridge between performance, vibration, and process.

Together, SĀDANA and Captures a.k.a KINSHIP have initiated a year-long collaboration that began in a tea temple in Santa Fe, New Mexico, exploring how place & practice could deepen and enliven their musical expression.  The result is a musical collaboration weaving organic beats, found sounds, and anthemic melodies & mantra.

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For more information about Kinship, listen to their music here: www.soundcloud.com/kinshipsound