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Amara Samata

Amara Samata

Relationship Coach


Amara Samata is the Founder of InnerGuidance Institute™️ Transformational Art Education Since 2012. She’s the creator of the Core Relationship System™️ (CRS) for holistic relational intelligence focused on personal, relational and spiritual development.

At the age of five Amara experienced a near-death-experience at the bottom of a pool catalyzing her lifelong search for ultimate truth.

Preacher’s daughter, Mensa candidate, NYU Tisch School of the Art student, Hollywood actress, turned dedicated mom and spiritual seeker; Amara Samata, a name given to her by Amma Chi in 1999; became a Certified Hatha (Rod Stryker), Kundalini (Yogi Bhajan), Prenatal (Gurumukh Khalsa), Children’s and Adaptive – Yoga teacher, teaching for 10 years and setting up children’s yoga programs in California and Hawaii school districts.

In 2010 Amara moved to Singapore/Bali with her family, where she mentored with a Filipino energy worker and received 2 years daily, private, Dzogchen teachings and Buddhist initiations as the assistant to a female Lama. In 2012 after co-facilitating workshops in India and Malaysia, Amara experienced a life-altering awakening that left her in a 7-month period of “nearly unbearable, continual bliss” catapulting her into a decade of dedicated work as a spiritual teacher, self-healing facilitator, trainer, founder and executive level life and relationship coach.

Since that transcendent day in November 2012, when 40 years of “seeking” became “finding”, Amara has had the privilege of supporting over 2000+ students, couples and clients from more than 30+ countries including tech giants, world-class coaches, billionaires, and global experts. CRS, her proven methodology for accelerated transformation includes:

  • The Core Request™️ 6-step conscious communication model
  • InnerMirror™️ conflict resolution & empathy building method
  • InnerGuidance™️ Journeywork personal development framework
  • CRS Coaching Method™️ Therapeutic-Transformational Life & Relationship Coaching

Amara’s mission is to inspire a conscious global culture of greater discernment, honesty and transparency for a thriving humanity